Motion to Sever: Fighting Injustice at 120 Decibels

Tyler Hazen and Zach Friedberg of Motion to Sever

Stop thinking about personal jurisdiction and start listening to Motion to Sever, USD’s preeminent rock band that truly lays down the law.  Building on one riotously successful year of bringing the noise to the greater San Diego area, Motion to Sever is gearing up for an all-new tour of San Diego.

These Officers of the Court of Rock and Roll, Barristers of Badassness, members of Motion to Sever are all USD law students.  They feel your pain and channel those stresses into a unique rock sound, a rambunctious stage presence, and an original song list full of law-related tunes.  “Listening to songs like ‘Summary Judgment’ and ‘Holographic Will’ is the next best thing to studying,” says Adam Walker, rhythm guitarist.  “I learn more about law on stage than in the classroom.”

Adam’s band mates are equally confident that Motion to Sever’s sound will play well to the incoming class of wide-eyed 1Ls.  “We have more talent in our little fingers than some bands have in their entire bodies,” lead guitarist Zach Friedberg says, wryly.  “It would help if it were musical talent, but we’re still out there and ready to rock.”

Magical fingers aside, Motion to Sever sets the stage with a dense fog, black and red banners, and makes free demo CDs available to every audience member.  Come and feel the cheap intoxicants course through your system and rock out as lead singer Tyler Hazen strips down to his already legendary mesh shirt.  Some say that Hazen even wears this magical garment into the courtroom.   

Regardless, rock on as bass player Ken Yu and drummer Kyle Olson hold it down, whipping crowds into frenzies as they drive the beat of Sweet Rock Justice through the club. 

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