“On Getting a Job” (a 3L’s Perspective)

What else is there other than getting good grades, networking, applying everywhere, and sucking up? Well, there’s always prayer, but I don’t think there is much more.

The only thing I approached differently this year was how I networked. I felt, and still feel, very uncomfortable networking with the sole purpose of . . . well . . . networking. I decided early on that if I tried to network, I would do it differently. I decided that if I networked, it wouldn’t be just “to network.” I wanted to meet lawyers with similar interests as mine, and getting a job was not typically an interest we shared.

To do this, you have to be open to meeting people in different contexts. For example, I found a San Diego weekend bicycling group my first year. Did I meet a lot of lawyers? No. I actually didn’t meet a single one. However, other professionals such as accountants or engineers may have a friend who is looking to hire and they may think of you. Honestly, this approach has probably hindered how many lawyers I was able to meet, but I felt more comfortable talking to those I did get to know.

Networking doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and it doesn’t have to occur only with other lawyers. If you’re like me and feel awkward being thrown into an environment where the only purpose is to network, I would highly recommend finding a group that does what you like and just be open to meeting anyone. It’s more fun and way more natural.

Law Student Getting First Job

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