Interview with Chris Dibbern

Self-proclaimed pop culture phenomenon, Chris Dibbern, talks about the new season of “CDR: The Chris Dibbern Report,” airing now on USD Radio.

Interviewer: Let’s get right into it, Mr. Dibbern. May I call you that?
Chris: Mr. Dibbern or “sir” will be fine.

Interviewer: Mr. Dibbern, what made you get into the radio business in the first place?
Chris: I saw a gaping hole in the lives of the student body here at USD School of Law. All too often did the lack of quality radio programming produce a frowny-face on the common law student. I saw a crisis on my hands, and I knew there was only one thing to do. Did you know that the Japanese have the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity?

Interviewer: Yes, crisitunity.
Chris: Exactly. I turned this deep, dark shame underlying the radio airwaves here on campus, and I took this crisitunity by the horns. I started “CDR: The Chris Dibbern Report,” which is entering its second season. Believe me, by student-run radio standards, that’s longevity.

Interviewer: I must say that I really do enjoy CDR. Now, critics point out that you do not have a face for radio, that you belong on the silver screen. How do you respond to this scathing criticism?
Chris: The radio gives me the best chance at spreading my message of hilarity across the campus. No longer will the people have to listen to the droning of their professors in their Wednesday evening classes. No longer will the LRC stand silent on hump-day afternoons. It is my voice that brightens up Wednesdays

Interviewer: Indeed it does. Now how would you describe your radio show to a 1L that hasn’t heard the show before?
Chris: I actually believe that my show was the top influence on the students’ decisions to attend this school. Just the other day, I was talking with someone who was admitted to Harvard Law School but decided to come here when he realized he cannot get the CDR experience in Cambridge. As for the kids who really didn’t know about the show, I say that they are in for a thrill ride that they won’t soon forget.

Interviewer: You make it sound like a roller coaster at Six Flags.
Chris: Well that’s exactly what it is. It is a radio show of highs and lows and twists and turns. The very highest highs are the punch lines, of course. The lows would be when I pause to take a breath. The twists and turns, on the other hand are the random sound effects I throw in to spice things up.

Interviewer: What is your inspiration for the clips you play on your program?
Chris: I like to keep my show tuned into the local flavor. I throw in some San Diegan classics from Anchorman, but at the same time I still mix in some classic hits from the boys of South Park. On some special occasions, I play tracks from local bands such as Motion to Sever.

Interviewer: I did happen to catch it that day. What was it like rocking out with those guys?
Chris: Adam and Zach were great. They are truly head-bangers of the highest order. CDR plays only the hottest cuts, and Motion to Sever more than met the bill.

Interviewer: Speaking of guests, you had on several other students to give yourself a break, did you not?
Chris: Although I could carry this glorious show by myself, I like to give rookies a shot at the mic because I eventually have to graduate. I think it turned out pretty successfully.

Interviewer: We have to wrap up, but when can listeners tune into CDR?
Chris: “CDR: The Chris Dibbern Report” can be heard each and every Wednesday at 5 p.m. on The start date is not set, but keep up with Motions to learn the latest news on the single best radio talk show on Wednesdays on internet radio here on campus.

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