We finally did it! For the past few years, the Motions staff has talked about creating an online version of University of San Diego School of Law’s student newspaper. But for whatever reasons, the goals were never fulfilled. But now, we are proud to present . . . Motions Online!

I can only speak from my experience for the past two years as an Associate Editor, but our move toward a supplementary online newspaper has been sluggish. Two years ago, we apparently had our first attempt at moving online—the only reason I know this is because our paper advertised the website on its front page. It’s kind of hard to describe its true essence, but it reminded me of one of those basil plants you buy at Henry’s Farmers Market: You’re really excited to have fresh basil, and you do for a dinner or two . . . but soon, you’re standing dumbfounded in your kitchen looking at a stick in a pot. I guess those things need water and sunlight.

Our first attempt at an online version of Motions was a similar stick in an online pot. More clearly, it was a simple blog with two posted pdf files of (at the time) complete current issues. The last issue is from November 2008. Check it out HERE. See what I’m saying? The only real perk of the site is that it’s another hit for me when I Google my own name.

Last year, the excitement was thriving in the Fall. There was buzz of a new Motions website hosted by MTV—yes, the MTV. You know, the place that has that one show the kids watch these days: “Yo! MTV Raps.” Well, nobody knows exactly what happened, but people disappeared in the beginning stages of the process—swallowed up by institutional bureaucracy and “other commitments” I guess. We never found the bodies—or any documentation for that matter.

So this year, as Editor in Chief, I wanted to pick up the slack of my predecessors and create an online product that would truly benefit our USD Law community. I was fortunate to meet Harvey Zentuntsyan (a 1L with an impressive last name) at the Club Fair; he immediately expressed interest in helping create and contribute to an online form of the newspaper. At our first official Motions meeting (with free Subway—the food, not the form of mass transportation), he raised the idea again. We met the next week to discuss our ideas and the same day met with Theresa Hrenchir, Assistant Director of Student Services.

Theresa Hrenchir has been our most devoted cheerleader. I have heard from past Editors in Chief that she is a phenomenal person to work with in the Office for J.D. Student Affairs—the office that conducts our newspaper’s administrative review. My predecessors understated Theresa’s contributions to our organization. To cut to the chase, Theresa gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up, a flashing neon green light, a toothy grin, and a high five. We were set.

I thus became a web designer. And what a job that is. If you have not designed a website, you should—especially if you like staring at a computer screen, randomly clicking things for pretty much the entire day and night, and taking a break every six hours to eat a handful of chips. Especially if you like going to bed with visions of plugins and widgets dancing in your head and never really falling asleep. Especially if you like pushing the envelope with your spousal relationship.

Her: Hello, I’m talking to you!
Me: Honey, can you get me more chips?
Her: Sign these papers.

So to end this saga, now we have a website . . . and I’m still married. We really do hope that Motions Online becomes a premiere source of information and entertainment for USD Law students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Additionally, we hope this helps expand the growing reputation of USD Law as we work to provide a product of integrity—showcasing our skills, talents, and creativity and highlighting our accomplishments.

Motions Online is here for all of us, and we hope that you use it to its fullest potential. Whether you are a reader, writer, or editor, you are part of our newspaper’s success. Thank you for your continued support of this important law school organization; we hope you enjoy Motions Online.

Our Web Editor

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