Music Review: Motion to Sever

Motion to Sever

It should come as no surprise that Motion to Sever is the first and only (as far as they know) all-law student heavy metal band. Point for originality.

Motion to Sever’s recent show at the bar/venue The Ruby Room was in the neighborhood of Hillcrest, where sex shops and gay bars outnumber Starbucks and gas stations. This was blaringly appropriate considering the band’s split personality.

By day: The guys are five studious gentleman, hair parted and combed (those who have it), clean-cut and sweater-vest donning, top-siders scuff-free and slacks freshly pressed, confident in procedural justice and a prosperous future.

By night: The guys don pleather lace-up tank tops, an abundance of hair gel and black eyeliner, steel-toed combat boots, accessories made of shell casings and miniature gavels; the kind of guys you wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley (unless you’re in Hillcrest).

While I wouldn’t list heavy metal in my music genres of choice, the opportunity to see all of this was too good to pass up. Beyond the obvious freak-factor and the comical draw, they are actually not half bad. Though the only discernable lyrics were “war” and “court,” they held it together well and kept the screaming to a minimum.

The highlight of the show was undeniably Tyler “La Voce di Dio” Hazen’s on-stage theatrics—this guy is a riot. Black make-up running down his cheeks, mesh shirt not leaving much to the imagination, he is hard to take your eyes off of. The whole crew is a hot mess. You have to admire their gusto and, in Zack “The Axe” Friedberg’s case, his animal print bleached spandex pants.

Gentlemen, let your freak flag fly. Or in Tyler’s case, freak cape.

Motion to Sever plays on Wednesday, October 13 at The Office in North Park.

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