The Neighborhood: Ocean Beach

Welcome to “The Neighborhood.” San Diego is very lucky to have a vibrant Gaslamp District packed with restaurants, bars, clubs, and all the bike-rickshaw transportation you could ask for. And I doubt you’ll find another neighborhood with the ratio of bars to Affliction T-shirts that Pacific Beach boasts.

That being said, San Diego has much more to offer. PB and the Gaslamp District are great areas for your nights out, but if you’re looking for something new, this is the column for you. You may find that getting out of your ordinary rut and trying something different is both fun and enlightening. In this column, I will review a different neighborhood every week, focusing on nightlife. I figure that if people are willing to read about a woman’s struggle to make it through a French cookbook in a year, people will certainly be willing to read about new areas to experience.

I’m starting with an old favorite, OCEAN BEACH. It’s not necessarily off the beaten path, but it’s an area where non-San Diego natives may have never ventured.

Sunset at the Ocean Beach Pier

Leave your blazers and cocktail dresses at home; this neighborhood revels in the casual. Drinks in Ocean Beach are generally less expensive than the typical Pacific Beach watering hole. Two of the best known O.B. bars, The Harp and Gallagher’s, feature free live music just about every night. Gallagher’s has the best live reggae of any Irish bar in San Diego, bar none. While Sunshine Company generally appeals to the Pool shooting/Big Buck Hunting crowd and features a fun roof top patio, the Arizona Lounge is a fantastic destination off the beaten path for great beer, fried food, and conversation. In this neighborhood, remarkably, the best beer selections are paired with great pizza. Newport Pizza and Alehouse not only has the best late-night slice but a great craft and imported beer selection featuring rotating cask beers. Port Brewing Company recently opened the only branch of their well known Pizza Port Brewery within the San Diego city limits in Ocean Beach.

Start your night at O.B. Noodle House with a $6.50 bowl of Pho, and split a 4 Liter tower of beer, or hit up Hodad’s for your burger fix budget at a random time like 3 p.m. to avoid the line. El Rodeo is fantastic for late night tacos and makes one of the tastiest and greasiest California burritos around. (Caution: not to be consumed before midnight.) South Beach Bar and Grill is a very popular Taco Tuesday spot. Tucked away a block from the beach, Dream Street is one of San Diego’s best small music venues. By day, Newport Ave plays host to a few fantastic boutiques and thrift stores. Enjoy Ocean Beach! Cheers!

Coming next issue: SOUTH PARK

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