3L Advice: Get Political

As a 3L you can still attend student organization meetings, but your chances at student government and clinics have passed you by. If you still want your voice to be heard, it’s time to look beyond student government. It’s time to be a real politician. Run for local office!

A good politician is like a law school gunner, always diverting from actual knowledge to opinion. This skill may make your classmates groan, but your high energy and confidence transfers well to a politician who attracts attention to his or her ideas by shamelessly dominating conversations.

Research your elected position. Being paid helps, but as a law student, odds are you are already used to working for free. Plus political office comes with other perks. Just ask Eliot Spitzer.

Clean up your public image. If character issues arise, claim it was just a phase and all behind you. From now on, shotgun your beer away from the group photo.

Get out and campaign. Lose some weight, and gain some votes. Find a populated area and impede some foot traffic by shaking babies and kissing hands.

Teddy Roosevelt, campaigning for President in 1912

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