CONTEST: Tricks & Treats from J.D. Student Affairs

The Office for J.D. Student Affairs treats you with some interesting Halloween tidbits and tricks you with a Halloween Challenge. 

Which six cunning law students will win a bag of treats?!

Would you have taken these cases?

In 2008 a Bayside, Queens woman had the inspired idea of being a clown for Halloween—going all out with her costume . . . from a big red nose to a pair of oversized shoes.  However, the 56-year-old Sherri Perper fell over in her novelty footwear that night and subsequently filed a lawsuit claiming the shoes were “defective and dangerous.”

In 2000, Cleanthi Peters sued Universal Studios for $15,000.  She claimed to have suffered extreme fear, mental anguish, and emotional distress due to visiting Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights haunted house, which she said was too scary.

Now for the trick!  Here’s a Halloween-themed Research Challenge to test your skills!

The first four full-time students and the first two part-time students to submit the correct responses to the Office for J.D. Student Affairs will win a bag of “treats.”  Submissions may be emailed to  Be sure to include your class year and whether you are full or part-time.

1. Find the California Supreme Court case where an actor’s son sued to recover profits made by a movie studio for the licensing of the Count Dracula character, which the actor had portrayed.  What is the citation?

2. Find the California case which held that a seller of a home could be liable for fraudulent concealment, when the seller failed to disclose to the buyer that the house was the site of multiple murders.

3. In Ohio, what is the maximum fine and prison sentence for the offense of abuse of a corpse?  If you need a hint, first find the statute that criminalizes the behavior, then look at Criminal Sentences in Ohio ( by the Cleveland Law Library.

4. Locate the “Words and Phrases” set of books in the LRC, and use it to find two bankruptcy cases defining “ghost-writing.”  What are the citations for these cases?  (You can also find the answer on Westlaw by using the words-phrases field, but you will get three cases.)

5. What is the citation for the Florida case where parents sued to bar certain symbols and costumes from Halloween celebrations in public schools on the basis that these symbols and costumes violated the Establishment Clause because they promoted the Wiccan religion?

Good Luck, everyone!

The Office for J.D. Student Affairs would like to wish you a safe and fun Halloween. 


Please join us for some pre-Thanksgiving fare at the Nov. 18 Mixer, from 4-6 p.m., WH back patio.

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