Legal Haiku (Oct. 2010)


Give me a large gift
In life or death; either way
Tax man will get paid.

Moving Writs tables
Janitor does a nice job,
Sunrise in the East

Evolving, twisting
Society’s mirror morphs
Law never relents

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Look at me, the laughing heir
Didn’t know the schmuck

(Case-Related Haiku)

    Ewing v. California

He stole some golf clubs
But he was recidivist
Life imprisonment

    Raffles v. Wichelhaus

Choose the right Peerless
There is no contract without
Mutual assent

    Palsgraf v. Long Island RR

The Zone of Danger
Don’t run with fireworks. Halt!
Held not liable

    Pennoyer v. Neff

The trial court lacked
Personal jurisdiction
Without attachment

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