The Neighborhood: South Park

If you’re starting to think that I volunteered to write this article so I could go drinking in different neighborhoods, you’re right. 

For this issue, I explored SOUTH PARK

A small and sleepy but charming neighborhood, South Park is home to a diverse group of dog owners, hipsters, and hippies.  South Park’s flagship bar, Hamilton’s, is a beer drinkers paradise.  With over 20 tap beers and a random smattering of imported bottles, you’re bound to find something you’ll love.  Try Brugse Zot, or “Fool from Bruges,” a rich flavorful pale ale from Colin Farrell’s least favorite city.  If you like shuffleboard, you’re in luck.  An added bonus, the window in the back corner connects to the small restaurant next door.  The grilled cheese sandwich is creative and topped with bacon and apples.  While I’ve never had the wings myself, they come highly recommended by fashion icon and man-about-town Mehtab Sandhu.  Like the Station Tavern, dogs are welcome.  Hamilton’s does tend to get crowded, so be sure that your Schnauzer doesn’t get stepped on.

From Hamilton’s, head down the street to South Park Abbey.  Formerly South Park Bar and Grill, the Abbey often features live music, generally with no cover.  Avoid the restaurant-type seating area and stick to the bar.  This ensures that you will be surrounded by friendly and approachable folk, rather than extras from the movie Snatch.  Chat up the friendly staff, and they’ll recommend the wings.  Follow this recommendation.  Get the Sweet and Spicy wings, and pair them with great Belgian ale.  The owners of South Park Abbey donate 3% of every bill to one of several charities they have selected.  When you close your tab, you can select which charity your money supports. 

Whistle Stop is your home for dreadlock dance parties, vinyl DJ’s, and Monday night trivia.  Check the calendar for periodic “Worst Music Ever, So Bad It’s Good” nights.  The Station Tavern is the South Park version of a Beer Garden.  Large outdoor picnic tables facilitate a social atmosphere.  Vagabond Kitchen is a world travel-themed restaurant designed to prepare food as it is prepared in the home of its respective country, all in a rustic candlelit atmosphere.  Try one of the international drinks, including the popular Cuban Mojito or Pisco Sour.  Newly opened Rose Wine Pub is a cute and simple wine bar with a great selection of bold wines.  Try the pesto flatbread paired with white wine for Northern Italian bliss.  Finally, Zensei sushi is tasty with a late night happy hour from 10-midnight. 

South Park is on the up and come, visit now!  Cheers!

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