Faculty Comments: How do you help students prepare for the bar exam?

Professor Kris Panikowski
Lawyering Skills I Department Chair

The Lawyering Skills I faculty plans to continue its focus on teaching our students sound fundamentals in research, writing, analysis, and professionalism. We also will continue emphasizing the importance of time management and preparation, both of which are essential to success as a lawyer and to passing the bar exam. In addition, we have started a series of Skills in Practice seminars that focus on topics that will help all our students—not just fi rst-year students—with their research, writing, and analytical skills. These skills often play a role in bar preparation, whether through helping a student write a clear, focused essay question, by approaching the studying process with dedication and professionalism, or by enabling him/her to articulate a clear rule of law.

Professor Jordan Barry

I try to prepare my contracts students for contract issues on the bar exam by helping them develop a broad understanding of the various aspects of contract law and the logic underlying them without sacrificing depth. That way, when students prepare for the bar exam—two and a half years after they finish my course—they’ve seen (and hopefully learned) the material before, so they’re just refreshing their memories. That means I cover a lot of material, but I try to make that more manageable for my students by carefully organizing it. This also helps students see the big picture of how everything fits together.


*Responses compiled by Jessica Payne, Associate Editor

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