According to the July 2010 exam results, only 65.3% of USD Law Grads taking the California Bar Exam for the first time passed–down from 78.1% in 2009 and below the 68.3% state average. 

Why the drop?  What can we do?  Here are some responses and reflections: 

“The Truth (As I See It) About USD Law and the Bar Exam”

by Emily Scivoletto, Assistant Dean for J.D. Student Affairs

“Bar Passage Depends on Students”

by David Park, Staff Writer

“Law School Reflections: Evaluation of an Institution”

by Joe Kaatz, Staff Writer

“Faculty Comments: How Do You Help Students Prepare for the Bar Exam?”

featuring Professors Kris Panikowski and Jordan Barry

“The Jury Box: Why the Low Bar Passage Rate?”

by Drew Miazga, Senior Executive Editor

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