Note from the Editor (Feb. 2011)

The Motions Renaissance continues. Besides the improved content and new appearance of our print version, we have expanded our distribution—placing papers across the entire USD campus and at nearby businesses. Word of our newspaper’s success is spreading, and we hope that as it spreads, it simultaneously contributes to the success of our law school.

Additionally, our website continues to experience more traffic. Nearly 5,000 people have visited Motions Online since its September debut. We attracted almost 1,500 visitors in December alone. Some of this was due to the mere increase in posts, which attracts more internet users performing keyword searches. It’s kind of amazing to see what people are searching for. One example is David Park’s article from our September issue, “Owning a Pet During Law School.” The article frequently appears in our Top Ten most-viewed posts list (on the right sidebar) and ranks as one of our most popular articles in our online newspaper’s history. In fact, USD Law Professor Grant Morris even posted a comment to the article and offered his insights. Very cool!

Our stories related to USD Law happenings are popular, too. Articles about the SBA and Moot Court always seem to find a place in the Top Ten list, and this issue’s articles about the Dean finalists and the bar passage rate will undoubtedly draw significant interest as well.

Overall, these are exciting times for the law school student newspaper, and I am proud of my staff of editors and writers for their remarkable work ethic and dedication. Of course, none of this success would be possible without our loyal followers who continue to read Motions and frequent Motions Online. Thanks for your continued support.

Kurt Whitman
Editor in Chief

Our Current Web Editor

*If you are interested in becoming an editor for Motions next year, stay tuned for announcements regarding the application process. We will be seeking law students for the following positions: Editor in Chief, Senior Executive Editor, Associate Editor, and Web Editor.

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