Softball Ain’t So Soft at USD

For those of you who got lost in defeat (or in your books) after elimination, here is a very small recap of the championship game in the Grad/Law Softball Fall Season.

After tying earlier in the semester, the final game between the Contract Killers and Legal Eagles was close, until the top of the last inning, when the Eagles poured in the runs. Katie Chifcian was the clear MVP for the Eagles, robbing 4-5 clear hits from the Killers and getting the job done at the plate.

As softball season comes around the corner in Week Four, many of us will be looking to learn from how we fell in the Fall and use it to Spring ourselves forward this semester (sad joke, I know). But hopefully most of us have gotten the idea that this isn’t a joke, and the competition should be kicked up a notch as the 1Ls try to make a name for themselves and the 3Ls let it all out in their last hoorah.

To prepare you for the season, Motions conducted a short, informative interview with Commissioner David Israel about his thoughts on the last season, the upcoming season, and some rule changes.


Commissioner David Israel

Motions: How did people respond to the no-beer rule? Did it at all affect the environment or the game?

David Israel: People were understandably upset at first, but I think throughout the season, they grew accustomed to it. It made the game a bit less social than it used to be, but for the most part, not much changed.

Motions: Is there anything new that you guys want to implement this semester? Any rule changes, format changes, etc . . . ?

Israel: There will be two main rule changes this semester. Instead of requiring three girls to field a team, you will only need two. However, without a third girl, each time the third girl would have been at bat, an automatic out will be taken. That team will also be short-handed in the field. The goal was to allow more teams to play, instead of forfeiting.

The second rule change will be the mercy rule—more runs will be required earlier on to trigger the rule.

Motions: What in your opinion makes an elite USD Law softball team?

Israel: Good Defense. Most teams can hit the ball hard; the difference is what the defense is able to do with the ball once it’s in the field.

Motions: As veterans, how would you assess the competition level last semester? In particular, the 1L teams?

Israel: Last semester came down to the three teams that it was expected to be—the Eagles, the Killers, and the Susan Changs. Cases Loaded and Mr. Tarkowski’s team were both solid showings throughout the semester, but both have some work to do to join the elite tier.

Motions: Who do you guys think are the favorites this semester and why?

Israel: Sadly, the Eagles have to be considered favorites. They’re adding some good players to a team that is already reigning champion.

Motions: Who are some of the standout players, and what are their strengths?

Israel: Mike Gilberg makes the Eagles run—he can put the ball wherever he wants, and patrols CF for them. Tim Hance and Katie Chifcian are also key players for them. Bobby Bouche can probably hit the ball farther than anyone else if he gets a hold of one, and Rory Kay and Ben White are key producers for the Killers. We need to see more of the 1Ls to really know who is the best of the bunch.

Above: This is believed to be the first photograph of a softball team. Softball, originally known as "indoor baseball," was created so baseball players wouldn't get rusty in the winter. "Winter" is a season. It happens in places other than San Diego. It involves cold temperatures, snow, and bowling.

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