Spring Break: Jet-setters, Staycationers, and Bookworms


There are three types of law school Spring Breakers: jet-setters, staycationers, and bookworms.

The jet-setters are taking off to popular destinations such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, and New York. For airline passengers, being prepared is essential in order to get through security faster. If you are flying this March, save time by checking all toiletries, wearing slip-on shoes, and carrying your ID and boarding pass where they are easily accessible.

Staycationers sticking around San Diego can take advantage of Spring Break to do things in town they don’t normally have time to do, such as wine tasting in Temecula, kayaking in La Jolla, and strolling through Balboa Park. Amusement Parks offer special discounts for Southern California residents. For example, when you pay for one day of admission at either Sea World or Universal Studios, the rest of the year is free. Disneyland is currently offering two days for $99.

The bookworms will be outlining and studying for midterms. For those bookworms who missed the December issue of Motions, our exam advice articles are a must-read. Just be sure to take off a day or two to avoid burnout.

Whichever type of Spring Breaker you are, travel safe, relax, and get ready to finish the semester strong.

*Nikki Weil is co-founder of www.VirtualTravelTips.com for saving time, money, and hassles.

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