Ten Most Romantic Campus Spots for USD Law Students

View from Warren Hall, 3rd Floor


1. Warren Hall/3rd Floor Back Stairs: Ever walked out here at sunset during a Dean’s Mixer? The San Diego sun glistens off the Bud Light and themed appetizers like true love glistens off an arrow-infused heart.


2. The Jenny Craig Pavilion: Work out side by side on the elliptical machines at the McNamara Fitness Center, or take a stroll on the outside patio before watching Torero basketball. If the stars are properly aligned, you might even find yourselves under the Torero Stadium bleachers reading poetry and swapping butterfly kisses.


3. The Grassy Knoll: Located between Warren Hall and the LRC, directly above the motorcycle parking spaces, this grass-covered enchantment is the perfect spot to share a sandwich or study for a contracts midterm with your not-so-secret admirer. It’s probably best though to try another location upon returning for the spring semester, as the fresh fertilizer may dampen the vibe.


4. The Student Life Pavilion: Your tuition dollars were well-spent to provide you La Gran Terraza—USD’s fine dining establishment and romantic getaway for the on-campus dweller without a vehicle; Tu Mercado—USD’s charming market . . . sink in to the comfortable couches after spending your entire work study paycheck on a Latte and a Luna Bar; and the Pavilion Dining area, where a camera on the gourmet chef at the “Secret Ingredient” station allows you to fall in love with your live-action, salivation-inducing mid-afternoon meal . . . nothing says undying love like all-you-can-eat.

5. Warren Hall/Faculty Reading Room: Have a coffee with some sweetener, and cozy it up with a good book on the Coase Theorem. Or hold your loved one close and see if you can awaken the Dormant Commerce Clause. Those who are truly daring may want to set the mood by reciting Justice Souter opinions.

6. The LRC: Surprisingly, the law school library is full of amorous environments. Ever taken a ride on the LRC elevator? Twirled your loved one through the labyrinth of the LRC basement? Shared a glass of champagne and strawberries on the LRC roof? If not, then you have never truly loved.

Romantic USD Law park bench

7. Warren Hall/Grace Courtroom: With the sun shining through the eagle on the ceiling, one contemplates love, justice, and whether it’s appropriate to leave the noon meeting immediately after grabbing the free Subway instead of sticking around and pretending to care.

8. Law School Parking Lot: Nothing will put hearts in your eyes like finding the perfect spot in Lover’s Lot. Come final exam time, the passion heightens. Whether it’s foggy on the outside of the car or within, love is certainly in the air and on the blacktop.

9. Warren Hall/Motions Office: If you had a key, you would understand.

10. The Tram: Take a whimsical ride through campus and see the sights, and now with the really neat-o Live Map, you can know exactly where and when your carriage will arrive. Is that “The One” seated right across the aisle?  Take a day trip to Old Town, and share a margarita and a rolled taco.  Who knew love was always there behind the tinted windows and among the immobile undergrads?

Honorable Mention: The Frank Warren Lounge, The Immaculata, The Quad/Fountain area, That empty lot across Linda Vista Road that has a big fence around it

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