Barrister’s Ball: Prom All Over Again

Rachael Mills, Tyler Hazen, Evan Grist, and Kiley Morgan hit the photo booth at the Barrister's Ball

Fresh off the success of a well-attended Halloween party in the fall, the SBA rallied once again to host the largest event of the spring semester: the Barrister’s Ball.

This USD tradition, affectionately referred to as “Law School Prom,” was held on the top floor of the beautiful Bahia Hotel, which sits directly on Mission Bay.

The ladies were elegant, the gentlemen were handsome, and the seats surrounding the dance floor were empty as most people danced the night away.

In order to avoid the long line that greeted students attending the Halloween party this past October, the SBA delivered orange wristbands to student mailboxes on Thursday night.  These wristbands were one’s ticket into the ballroom, and each wristband-wearer could enjoy unlimited free drinks until 10 p.m.

Prime rib and various appetizers were also available at the beginning of the night, but these popular food items disappeared quickly.  If you decide to skip out on dinner before the ball next year, make sure to arrive early so that you do not miss out on the food selection!

In addition to the dance floor and ample seating around the ballroom, one of the Ball’s highlights was the photo booth that printed your free photos instantly.  Couples or groups of friends, standing in front of a green backdrop, used a touchscreen computer to choose between six different background options.  You could be transported to the lighted Eiffel Tower in Paris, visit New York City’s Statue of Liberty, or escape to a tropical beach and walk away with a photo to prove it.  An extra bonus was the box of hats, sunglasses, and feather boas, making your already glamorous ball photos even more frame-worthy.

“The ball was a great success,” said Jon Salt, 1L SBA Representative for Section C. “The wristbands worked out well, and, most importantly, everyone looked good!”

Don’t miss out on this great event next year!

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