Chris Dibbern (and other people) Gearing Up for LAF-Off

Every spring, the San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program (“SDVLP”) hosts the local tradition of the LAF-Off (Lawyers Are Funny).  This year’s event is March 24, 2011 at the House of Blues downtown.  The LAF-Off is a comedy competition pitting lawyers and law students against each other in front of a crowd of 400+ to determine who actually is the funniest.  The event supports the pro bono work of the SDVLP, and we encourage everyone in the local legal community to come out for a night of drinks and laughs.  I was lucky enough to be selected as the representative of the University of San Diego School of Law, and I will definitely try to shine a light on the true sense of humor deep down within the hearts of all my classmates. 

Preparing for the LAF-Off is no easy feat.  I have had to attend countless meetings (one) with the organizers of the event to make sure the rest of the standup comics are up to snuff with their Chris Dibbern-level humor.  I found all of them to be humorous in their own special way, yet they didn’t seem to find that special blend of self-aggrandizement, narcissism, and obnoxiousness that my routine features.  I think by standing out, I stand a good chance at impressing the tough judges.  In fact, during practice, one judge was rushed to the hospital after his funny bone suffered from over-tickling.  Resolved to create a safer environment for my audience, I have crafted a special routine that not only touches on the plights of the law student but looks ahead to my years as a lecherous, crotchety partner.

In the LAF-off, I will be competing against Michael Green of Thomas Jefferson School of Law and Amy Krakower of Cal Western School of Law.  Everyone in the field is a comedy amateur.  This is only because I have turned down copious amounts of money from Comedy Central to star in a new sitcom and a recent offer by CBS to replace Charlie Sheen in “4 1/2 Men” (retitled to more adequately describe the manliness of the main cast).  To sum up, if I had to describe my experience in the LAF-Off in one word, it would be “winning”!  I hope all the readers of Motions come out and support me in my bid to unseat Cal Western as the funniest law school in San Diego.

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