Isaac’s Restaurant Recommendation: Bay Park Fish Co.

If you’re looking for a casual date-night restaurant nearby or a fun place to get together with friends after class for good food and beer, the Bay Park Fish Co. is a perfect beacon to steer your ship towards.  Aside from fresh fish excellently prepared, this restaurant is also a retail fish market that sells fresh, locally-caught seafood.

Inside, the restaurant feels like a seaside fish market, with stuffed fish, pictures of fisherman with their catches, and old nautical instruments and fishing paraphernalia covering the walls.  The restaurant is laid back, and the staff is friendly.  There is a bar area, dining room, and patio in front.

The galley serves fish soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, tortas, and sushi, as well as fish and chips and fresh catches of the day grilled with vegetables.  For landlubbers, Bay Park also features burgers, a carne asada plate, and chicken or carne asada tacos.

If ye be looking for grog, there be no rum there, but the wenches at Bay Park will delight you with their selection of local, domestic, and imported beer, as well as a nice wine selection.

During my visits, I have tasted the clam chowder, fresh ceviche served with tortilla chips, steamed mussels in coconut milk and lemongrass, smoked fish plate (seasonal smoked fish served with Romaine spears), and the tuna melt.  All of the food was perfectly prepared and served hot (except for the smoked fish, which is a cold dish).  It tasted fresh and fantastic!  The clam chowder has real clams still in their shell, and the sandwiches come with shoestring fries and homemade coleslaw.

As for mooring, the slips in front of the restaurant fill up quickly but there be plenty of space on nearby streets to berth yer vessel.

To get there, load up yer ship, and set yer bearing to 4121 Ashton Street, off of Morena Blvd., or navigate over to  Shiver me timbers!

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Isaac's Restaurant Recommendation: Bay Park Fish Co., 4.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings