Website Continues to Impress: Reaches 10,000 Visitors

Since its inception in September 2010, Motions Online has attracted over 10,000 visitors. Although the majority of these visitors are from the USD Law and San Diego communities, almost half of the website’s viewers come from elsewhere—from locations all over the world. Whether visitors are prospective students, family members, or general internet surfers, Motions is making its mark beyond the USD campus. Our hope is that this continued growth will result in the recognition of our law school’s success, as it continues to enhance its programs and make its own mark on the global legal community.

Our February issue was especially popular on the internet. Leading the way was our collection of legal-themed Valentine’s candy hearts—which was shared on Facebook and passed around law schools throughout the U.S. Within one day of this social networking exposure, “Legal-themed Valentine’s Candy Hearts” became our all-time most popular post. Besides other Valentine’s Day-related articles, topics such as USD Law’s search for its next Dean and last July’s low bar passage rate sparked tremendous interest.

Overall, it has been fascinating to witness the website traffic from behind the scenes of Motions Online. Here are some statistics* showcasing our success during the past six months (no alliteration intended . . . at first):

Loyal Viewer


1.     “Legal-themed Valentine’s Candy Hearts” (Feb. 2011), by Motions Editors:  1395 views

2.     “Don’t Feed the Hippies” (Sept. 2010), by David Helphrey822 views

3.     “Death and Law School in Sunny San Diego” (Dec. 2010), by Kurt Whitman261 views

4.     “Owning a Pet During Law School” (Sept. 2010), by David Park259 views

5.     “Killer Whale Maze” (Dec. 2010), by Kurt Whitman242 views

6.     “Chip Soup: Valentine’s Dinner for Law Students” (Feb. 2011), by Kurt Whitman197 views

7.     “The Truth (As I See It) About USD Law and the Bar Exam” (Feb. 2011), by Assistant Dean Emily Scivoletto190 views

8.     “The Neighborhood: South Park” (Oct. 2010), by Tyler Hazen:  174 views

9.     “Interview with Assistant Dean Emily Scivoletto” (Sept. 2010), by Taylor Wemmer:  172 views

10.   “Experienced Dean or Politically Connected Lobbyist: Your USD Law Dean Finalists” (Feb. 2011), by Christina Phan:  163 views



1.     “Don’t Feed the Hippies,” by David Helphrey, 822 views

2.     “Owning a Pet During Law School,” by David Park, 259 views

3.     “Interview with Asst. Dean Emily Scivoletto,” by Taylor Wemmer, 172 views

4.     “On Getting a Job: A 1L’s Perspective,” by Harvey Zeytuntsyan, 151 views

5.     “Introduction to the USD Law SBA Executive Board,” by Christina Phan, 128 views


1.     “The Neighborhood: South Park,” by Tyler Hazen, 174 views

2.     “First Moot Court Tournament: Barcus on Fire!by Christina Phan, 147 views

3.     “SBA Halloween Party to Invade Se Hotel,” by Taylor Wemmer, 129 views

4.     “Electric Feel,” by Drew Miazga, 102 views

5.     “March Fourth Marching Band: Freaky Geeky,” by Nashelley Kaplan-Dailey, 96 views


1.     “Death and Law School in Sunny San Diego,” by Kurt Whitman, 261 views

2.     “Killer Whale Maze,” by Kurt Whitman, 242 views

3.     “Moe Shuns, Esq. at Your Service!” by Moe Shuns, 158 views

4.     “The Neighborhood: Normal Heights,” by Tyler Hazen, 136 views

5.     “Best Smuggling Cases in U.S. History,” by Kurt Whitman, 114 views


Successful Motions Contributor


1.     “Legal-themed Valentine’s Candy Hearts,” by Motions Editors, 1395 views

2.     “Chip Soup: Valentine’s Dinner for Law Students,” by Kurt Whitman, 197 views

3.     “The Truth (As I See It) About USD Law and the Bar Exam,” by Asst. Dean Emily Scivoletto, 190 views

4.     “Experienced Dean or Politically Connected Lobbyist: Your USD Law Dean Finalists,” by Christina Phan, 163 views

5.     “My Valentine” (Poem), by Peachdog Jones, 140 views

6.     “New Parking System, Same Old Story,” by Evan Acker, 138 views

7.     “The Neighborhood: India Street,” by Tyler Hazen, 133 views

8.     “Exploring USD’s Backyard: Tecolote Canyon,” Drew Miazga, 132 views

9.     “Bar Passage Rate Depends on Students,” by David Park, 127 views

10.   “McLennon Honors Moot Court Tournament Building on Its Legacy,” by Taylor Wemmer, 112 views

*Data recorded on March 18, 2011

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