Andrew Gil to Lead USD Law Student Body

Andrew Gil

In my time as a member of the SBA, I have always considered myself to be a public servant. I have never been content to do only what the bylaws require of me; I always asked myself how I could better serve the needs of my classmates. As SBA President, I now have a responsibility to use my position for the benefit of all USD law students, and I have several goals in mind for the next year intended to accomplish that mission.

First, I want to improve communication between the SBA and the student body. This means an overhaul of the SBA website and the creation of a master calendar of events. I hope to have these up and running before the end of this academic year. I also intend to improve the weekly email system to ensure that the class representatives are able to reach all of their constituents.

Second, I want the SBA officers to be more accessible to the student body. I, for one, have an open-door policy and encourage students to contact me if they have a question or concern ( I also plan to start holding regular office hours in the SBA office in Warren Hall to give students an opportunity to meet with their elected officials face-to-face. Addressing student concerns is of particular importance as we transition to a new Dean next year, as the SBA will be in a position to inform the new Dean as to what concerns are most important to the students.

Finally, I want to open involvement in SBA to more of the student body. There are a variety of standing committees in the SBA that are traditionally understaffed, as the elected officers find themselves spread thin. Rather than leaving positions unfilled or having officers overworked, I see this as an opportunity to get more students involved. Election committee, social committee, orientation committee, and others have positions available for students who are interested in getting involved with the SBA.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your SBA President. With the assistance of a fantastic executive board, I am confident that we can implement positive changes and make the SBA truly serve the best interests of USD law students.

–Andrew Gil, 2011-2012 USD Law SBA President



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