A Final Note from the Editor


                Thanks to everybody for helping Motions enjoy a highly successful 2010-2011 publication year.  Our print version has undergone beneficial changes, and our new online presence has brought USD Law’s student newspaper to a whole new level.  Because of our implementation of Motions Online, along with our supplemental efforts at promoting the newspaper and university through social networking and the internet in general, we have greatly expanded the USD Law community in positive ways.

                Motions Online has now attracted over 14,000 visitors since its September 29 debut.  Of particular importance, our website has attracted prospective students.  For our April issue, we are proud to bring you an article by Marisa Mittelman, a prospective student who has already made the choice to join the USD Law community beginning next fall.  We hope that this type of non-traditional article reflects a trend in the law school newspaper—and that we witness a future increase in contributions from USD Law faculty, staff, and alumni as well.


                We would like to thank all those who contributed to our 47th year of publication.  First, thanks to the USD Law Administration, Faculty, and Staff.  The level of recognition and respect that USD Law has given to the student newspaper has been tremendous.  As our law school has encountered challenges and frustrations during the past year, our law school has supported the student newspaper’s efforts to address them in print.  The Office for J.D. Student Affairs has been especially supportive, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration as we work together to enhance USD Law’s academic success and reputation.  From Student Affairs, to Career Services, to our exemplary professors, to all the people “under the radar” who keep the machine running, USD Law has the right people and programs in place to continue moving forward.

                Second, thanks to the Motions staff.  As Editor in Chief, I had the privilege of working closely with talented, dedicated, and flat-out cool people.  Thanks to outgoing Senior Executive Editor Drew Miazga for his creativity and integrity—he certainly deserves credit for helping infuse the appropriate blend of humor and intellect that our newspaper now offers.  1L Associate Editors Jyoti Jennings and Jessica Payne were also crucial to our success this year, dedicating many hours to planning, designing, and marketing—along with fulfilling the rest of their editing duties.  Senior Staff Writer Christina Phan was unbelievable in her dedication to this newspaper—working overtime (to put it mildly) on submitting high-quality articles of both news and commentary throughout the year.  Similarly, Senior Staff Writer Evan Acker’s writings—most notably his humorous writings—were necessary to really give Motions its overall voice.  And finally, we had nothing short of an army of staff writers who helped us achieve success.  Special thanks to Chris Dibbern, Camille Edwards, Zach Friedberg, Umar Hussain, Taylor Wemmer, and Kenneth Yu—all of whom submitted content for each of our issues.

                Finally, thanks to our readers.  Whether you have preferred to read Motions in print or online, we are honored to serve as a necessary voice here on campus, and we thank the countless number of you who, throughout the year, directly shared your praised and encouragement with us.  It is nice to know that our work is worth the time and effort.


                As for next year, Motions will be under exceptional leadership.  Editor in Chief Evan Acker has a vision for continued success and the perfect blend of humor, creativity, intellect, and devotion to ensure that the vision will unfold.  His skills are as sharp as his wit, and as a soon-to-be alumnus, I personally look forward to seeing what Motions has in store under his direction.  Senior Executive Editor Jyoti Jennings is one of the most dedicated law students I have ever encountered.  She has brought her work ethic, integrity, and optimism in full force this year to the newspaper and will undoubtedly do so again next year.  Finally, Henry Ciocca, our new Web Editor, will keep Motions Online and our online presence moving forward.  He is yet another strong leader who possesses personal qualities that guarantee success.   


                On a personal note (or even more personal anyway), my experience as Editor in Chief has been phenomenal.  It certainly has been a lot of work—and trust me, the pay isn’t the perk.  In fact, if this were an actual “job,” somebody would most likely be liable for violating some type of labor/employment law.  But you know what?  It was the excitement of it all that kept me going—the endless opportunities, the practical challenges, the creative rush.  Our print version has experienced positive changes, and our website has been really fun to watch take off from behind the scenes.  We have let it be known: The Law had a baby . . . and called it Motions Online.  Now it’s up to the Motions staff to make sure that baby doesn’t grow up and light the house on fire.  On the other hand, that would probably make a good story.  Well, somebody else can handle that one.  I’m out.    

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