Best of the Best: A Year in Review

The Neighborhood/Noble Experiment: A good magician never reveals his secrets, but this thing is all over the interweb.  The Neighborhood is already one of the best bars in San Diego with great beer and wine in a homey environment.  Add my favorite speakeasy in the mix, and you’ve got a winner.  Reservations are by text message only, but if you want to peek in uninvited, here’s my advice: Use the restroom—if a wall looks like kegs stacked on top of each other, give it a push . . .

Blind Lady Alehouse: The beer menu rotates so quickly here, I’ve literally been two nights in a row and unable to order the same brews.  Try the pizza.

The Harp: I’ve never had a bad night here.  The OB crowd is welcoming, the music is good, and the bartenders are friendly and know their stuff.

Toronado: Micro brews and Macro hipsters

Rocky’s: Best Burger-Beer combo.  Period.  If you don’t order the half-pounder, go back to undergrad.

Aero Club: Where bartenders go for a drink.

The Black Pearl (forever known as The Aussie Pub):

A DIE-HARD Packer bar in PB.  A bold choice for a Super Bowl hangout, but one I will never regret. 

Small Bar: So it’s not just a clever name.  From the creators of Hamilton’s.

JT’s (on a Friday): Incredible crowd and live music on the patio.

Cass Street Bar & Grill: Making PB tolerable again.  While I don’t get excited to spend the night at Bub’s or Johnny V’s, Cass Street is worth the drive down Garnett.  Going out in PB can feel like work, but Cass Street is a great spot to relax.

Bluffs II: An air-soft gun-themed joint.  Take a shot in the hind parts for a free tequila-red rain.

Ashamed I Haven’t Tried It

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