USD Law: By the Numbers


3: Number of times per law school career students check student mailbox

4/1: Odds of students getting called on when unprepared

13: Total number of Fall 2010 office hours attended by students

17: Record number of beers consumed at Dean’s Mixer

26: Average number of applause breaks per hour in Professor Martin’s Civ Pro class

136: Number of USD undergrads per day in the LRC

2: Number of USD Law students total for the year in Copley Library

4: Number of USD Law students who know both what and where Copley Library is

$75: Price of cheapest available copy of Professor Kelly’s Contracts Roadmap on

$8,327,419.31: What yearly Westlaw research would cost per student if students had non-subsidized accounts

2,096: Average number of pieces of paper used per student in printing Lawyering Skills brief drafts

87%: Percentage of SBA candidates running on “law-student-only parking lot” platform

0: Number of parking spaces available within three mile radius of campus at 10 a.m.

50%: Percentage of SBA funding going to Domino’s Pizza

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