1L Orientation: Like Writing? Get Involved!

Do you like writing?  Let’s hope so, because you just enrolled in law school, where there are plenty of opportunities to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, if you will).  Motions is the only student-run newspaper at the University of San Diego School of Law.  It is published on paper once a month and can also be found online at motionsonline.org.

The writing staff consists solely of law students eager to have their voices heard.  From an update on the intramural softball season to introducing the new dean of the law school—and everything in between—Motions is the megaphone that informs our student body of current events on and off campus.

An extremely bronzed 1L is already eager to contribute

The vast majority of writers for our staff do not have a background in journalism.  Some simply enjoy writing for the sake of writing.  Others take pleasure in talking with school administrators to find out why certain policies are in place.  Others just like venting about the lack of parking on campus.  All are welcome to join the staff.

Staff writers have done pieces on bar passage rates and mock trial competitions as well as opinion pieces about the recent conflict in Libya. The point is, if you have something to write about, Motions is the place to write it.

Are you more a fan of flawless grammar?  Sure, most people know the difference between its/it’s, but are you the type that can differentiate who and whom?  If so, there might be an editor position available for you.

Can you draw?  Motions accepts student-drawn cartoons, political or otherwise.

The point is, law school can make numb even the most passionate of writers.  Motions allows its staff the creative and intellectual freedom to write about a wide variety of topics, thereby regaining that fire for the written word.

Many of you may be worried that your first semester of law school is already going to be chaotic enough.  And that very well may be true for some of you.  Luckily, at Motions the writer puts in as much commitment as he or she desires.  Articles are not assigned but offered to the students.  There is nothing wrong with volunteering for one article per issue.  In fact, most writers for Motions do just that.

Now that those truly uninterested in joining our staff have stopped reading, let’s talk about financial compensation:  Motions pays its writers and staff.  Depending on the content of an article, a writer can make anywhere from $5 to $40 for each article submitted.  Editors are also compensated.  However, while the money is a nice bonus, law students are encouraged to join our team for the right reasons.  If you want your voice heard, if you want that area of your brain that harbors creativity prodded a bit more than a treatise on tort law, join Motions.

If you are interested in joining our staff, e-mail motions@sandiego.edu or stop by the Motions table at the USD School of Law Club Fair on August 29 and speak with one of our staff!

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