SBA: Looking Ahead

By: Andrew Gil, SBA President

Welcome back, everyone!  It is good to see so many familiar faces back at school, as well as all the new faces that have joined us this year.  The SBA has been busy over the summer in preparation for the new year, and we think it is going to be a good one.

First, the SBA Executive Board welcomes its newest member, Joshua Poulsen, the new Vice President of Student Organizations.  Josh has been a great help to the SBA in the past, including our recent 1L Orientation, and we are confident he will do great things this year.  Club officers in particular will get to know Josh well over the upcoming year, as his position is the primary point of contact between the clubs and the SBA.  If you need help getting your club registered, advice on how to reserve a room, or you need to get your club’s event on the SBA Calendar (found at, you can contact Josh at for more information.

SBA President Andrew Gil

 The SBA had its first general meeting on Monday, August 29, and it was a great success.  In addition to holding the special election for the new vice president of organizations, we also had a huge turnout from both club officers as well as interested students.  SBA general meetings are held every other Monday in Warren Hall 131 at noon, with the next meeting being on September 12.  All SBA general meetings are open to all students.  For those looking to get their announcements on the agenda for an upcoming meeting, contact our SBA Secretary, Sara Wisner (, the week before the meeting to ensure your item makes it on the agenda.  Even if you are not a voting member of the SBA, attending meetings is still a good way to keep current with the goings-on around campus, with announcements not only from clubs but also from student affairs, career services, the American Bar Association, and the San Diego County Bar Association.

 Discretionary budget meetings will begin on Monday, September 19, and will be held every other Monday (the Mondays we do not have an SBA general meeting) in Warren Hall 133 at noon.  These meetings are the vehicle for getting student events funded.  Does your club have an upcoming lunch panel, mixer, or other event?  Contact SBA Treasurer Jon Salt ( to submit a funding request and sign up on the budget committee TWEN page for a chance to speak to the committee.  A majority of the SBA’s annual budget is dedicated to funding the various student events on campus, and we are always happy to hear about new ideas and events.

 This year will also see some changes in the social schedule of the SBA.  You will still see our major social events this year—the Halloween Party, Barristers’ Ball (for our 1Ls, that means law school prom), and Grad Bash.  We will also continue our traditional bar reviews, which have already gotten off to a strong start this year.  In addition to our traditional social events, the SBA will be hosting a greater variety of events, including bowling, karaoke, trivia contests, movies on campus, and more.  Our goal is to make sure there are social events for all law students, including a few family-friendly events for those of our classmates who already have families of their own.  Our social chairs, Tim Hance and Cameron Weiss, have already done a great job with our first couple of bar reviews, and I expect them to continue to provide us with great social events throughout the year.

 Finally, the SBA is dedicated to improving our communication with and availability to our constituents, the law students.  To better accomplish this goal, members of the SBA Executive Board will begin holding regular office hours this year.  We encourage students to drop by if they have a question, suggestion, complaint, or just want to chat.  We want to hear from you!  Please check the SBA bulletin board in the Writs for the most current schedule for office hours, or contact us via e-mail if you want to set up an appointment to meet outside our regular office hours.  The SBA acts as the voice of the students, so in order to do our job effectively, we want to ensure that all the students’ voices are heard.

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