Spring Registration Begins November 4th

By Emily Scivoletto, Assistant Dean for JD Student Affairs

In case you haven’t checked your emails from USD lately (shame on you), spring registration is just around the corner!  Many of you have already talked with Irene Condella or me about your schedule for spring.  Remember you can always talk to one of us in Warren Hall 206 or set up an appointment at lawstudentaffairs@sandiego.edu.  Still, some of you have asked for some general advice about what classes to take.  HERE IS THE ADVICE:

Required Classes

Spring semester offers only one section of Tax I and one section of Professional Responsibility so you’ll want to make these a priority during registration. We’re providing classrooms with large capacities for both of these classes, so make sure you put yourself on the waitlist if you don’t get into the course right away.

Writing Requirement

You must take a class to satisfy the writing requirement.  These classes are indicated by a “W” on the schedule.  They fill up quickly so make it a priority if you want a particular one.  We have a great variety of writing classes this spring including two new courses:  FDA Law & Policy Seminar for those of you interested in how our food and drugs make it into the stream of commerce; and Topics in Family Law which will look at the evolving definition and government regulations of “family.”

Bar Subject Classes

Do you have to take EVERY bar subject class before you graduate?  The short answer is no.  The longer answer is:  the more you take in law school, the easier the ten weeks of study before the bar exam will be.   You have to memorize fourteen subjects of law for the bar exam.  Learning the law for the first time after you graduate tends to make memorization of the subject much more difficult.  For example, the volume of information you will find in Wills & Trusts is, in my opinion, too much to try to learn after graduation.  Take the course.  In addition, do not graduate from USD without taking Evidence and Corporations.  Take these courses not just for the bar exam, but because these two subjects will come up again and again in almost all areas of legal practice.  California Civil Procedure will also be offered this semester; keep in mind that the California bar is testing more and more on this subject through the essay section of the exam.  And a final thought for your last semester before bar prep:  Remedies.

Professional Skills Requirement

You must take at least one “skills” class while at USD.  These classes are indicated by an “S” on the schedule.  Any agency internship, judicial externship, or clinical participation will satisfy the requirement.  These “S” classes offer great opportunities for practical, hands-on legal training while in law school.


Friday, November 4 at 7 a.m.

  • All upper class JD students in the Part-Time Program
  • All LLM  and MSLS students

Tuesday, November 8 at 7 a.m.

  • All 3L JD students in the Full-Time Program

Friday, November 11 at 7 a.m.

  • All 2L JD students in the Full-Time Program
  • All visiting students


USD offers certificates of concentration in six areas:  Business and Corporate Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Litigation, Intellectual Property, International Law and Public Interest Law.  If you meet the requirements of a concentration, you can obtain a certificate of completion and a notation of the concentration on your final transcript.  Check the USD website for the requirements for each concentration.  Required concentration courses are not offered every semester so you should take them when you can.  This spring look for:  Tax II (a.k.a. Corporate Taxation), Criminal Procedure II, Copyright Law, Trade Secrets, Federal Courts, and State and Local Government Law.  Do you have to pursue a concentration?  No!  These are designed to provide a guide for students interested in a particular area, but by no means are they necessary for your job search.


Get on one.  Ask almost anyone who has ever been on a waitlist at USD and they will tell you:  you have a good shot of getting into the course.  You MUST pay attention to your sandiego.edu email address however, because once notified that you can add the course, you only have 24 hours to do so.

If you have any questions about your schedule or are interested in mapping out your time here at USD, come see us at the Office for JD Student Affairs – WH 206.  We’re happy to help!


¨  You may take up to 6 units of course work at the USD Business School as part of your required credits?

¨  You may reduce your credit load during a semester by taking USD summer school AND get reimbursed for summer school tuition during your final semester?

¨  You may only need a certain number of units each semester, but you can take additional classes for FREE due to block tuition rates?

¨  You may get help selecting courses, planning for a concentration or running a graduation check at the Office for JD Student Affairs – Warren Hall 206?

For more information about how these may apply to you, contact lawstudentaffairs@sandiego.edu.

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