Battle of the Brains: Two Semi-Finalist Teams Move on to Face Professors

By: Camille Edwards

There, here, is a brain.

On November 17, 2011, an epic battle was waged.  Lives were lost…

Actually, no lives were lost, and the only battle was among the brains of 32 teams, each made up of three law and/or LLM students, all competing in the preliminary round for Diversity Committee’s Annual Battle of the Brains (BOB) Competition, which was held in conjunction with the Thanksgiving-themed Dean’s Mixer.

BOB started as a way to raise money for the USD Legal Clinics, and the purpose evolved over time.  Now the Diversity Committee uses BOB to raise money for diversity-related events for student groups on campus.

BOB’s preliminary round involved a test made up of 200 questions, 100 multiple choice and 100 short answer.  The teams were taken to classrooms in Warren Hall and given 45 minutes to complete the test.  The Diversity Committee has a special committee that searched a wide variety sources to come with an eclectic list of categories for the test, including The 1990’s, The Golden State, Famous Women, Drugs, and World Travel.

First place winners, with an impressive 152 points out of 200, were The Original Kitten Mittens, a team comprised of Peter Estes, Jason Yee, and Sam Reep, all 2Ls.  I know all of these gentleman, and their vast intelligence is surpassed only by their rugged good looks.  (Peter told me to say that.)  These men are a force to be reckoned with.

In close second place was Biscuits Ain’t For Jam, with 147 points.  Team members Dan “Toucan Sam” Shamir (LLM), Courtney “I Quit” Byrne (2L), and Alex “Ubeki Beki Beki Stan” Gershen (2L), are equally impressive in both looks and brains.  The showdown between The Original Kitten Mittens and Biscuits Ain’t For Jam will be quite the spectacle.

The finalists will compete in March, and then the top student team will compete against a team of three professors (to be determined) on stage, at another Dean’s Mixer, before the entire school.  I will see you all there!

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