You know you’ve been in law school too long

By: Chris Dibbern

As a 3L, I can’t wait for the exams and graduation to be over.  After that comes the bar exam, and hopefully, if I did it right, I’ll start to make some money!  Even though I like to look forward, I love to look back at the fun times I’ve had as a law student.  I’ve had a lot of fun times, but now it seems that I’ve been here for way too long.  I have recently had time to do some deep thinking, so now I present to you, “You know you’ve been in law school too long ….”  Enjoy.

You know you’ve been in law school too long when…

  • You know if the curve is going to be tight before the last day of classes.
  • You have tricked out your special little spot in the LRC with things like leather-bound coffee cup holders and motivational posters featuring Rosie the Riveter and the “Hang in there” kitty.
  • The SBA President now gives you the time of day.
  • You start petitions to get your Lawyering Skills professor tenure.
  • You show the Dean where the bathroom is.
  • You give the maintenance staff Christmas cards because of that little mess they cleaned up for you last year.
  • You hear about a lunch meeting serving Chipotle and find a reason not to go.
  • You get one of those new-fangled internships and come to class wearing a suit.
  • You are always on g-chat and Facebook during class.  Wait, that’s everyone!
  • You can remember what IRAC stands for within five seconds.
  • You have finally decided to talk to an undergraduate here.
  • You don’t eat lunch with any of your friends anymore and just go home between classes.
  • Your softball team actually wins a few games in a season.
  • You can find your way to the bookstore without getting lost.
  • You’re astounded someone hasn’t lost their USD lanyard they got during orientation.
  • You change your name on Facebook so potential employers don’t find you.
  • You are able to get into Cal. Civ Pro or Sports Law.
  • You have to ask less than 10 people to find an outline for a specific class.
  • You write awful articles for Motions but expect them to be published because you know the Editor.
  • You find out Bar Review is downtown for the millionth straight week and decide to stay in PB.
  • You learn your degree is called a Juris Doctor and not a Juris Doctorate.
  • Regardless of your respective ages, a 1L girl is “too young for you” according to your friends.
  • You’ve forgotten about that silly scholarship that you had first year and lost since you only finished in the top 90 percent.
  • You realize that the law school has its own student newspaper, a great one, in fact.
  • Your college sweetheart has broken up with you because law school changed you as a person.  Now that I think about it, this applies to all of us!
  • You’re surprised to see the same person in at least two of your classes.
  • you’re a TA for first-year class
  • You have figured out a way to get school credit for doing nothing, a.k.a. independent study.
  • You know that if a class name is “________ Law” (Media Law, Art Law, Animal Law, etc.), it’s just a whole bunch of random stuff thrown together.
  • You get mad that someone has messed up your butt groove at your special LRC desk.
  • You don’t feel self-conscious wearing earplugs.
  • You special order the same kind of earplugs they use for jackhammering.
  • Honor Court starts to greet you by saying, “you again?”
  • You are no longer angry with O’Toole’s for not serving Bud Light or PBR.
  • You realize that most of the fun activities on campus aren’t undergrad only.
  • You move back in with your parents because you blew all your student loan money.
  • You figure out how the Symplicity website works.
  • You buy a suit that costs more than $200.
  • You buy clothing, backpacks and purses keeping in mind where your flask will be able to fit.
  • You decide to walk to class you allow an extra 15 minutes for how long it usually takes to log into the USD wifi.
  • You’ve read this entire list instead of studying like you should.
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