A 2L’s Look Back- Her Journey Thus Far

By: Camille Edwards

“What a long, strange trip it has been”—written in every high school yearbook ever printed.

Last night, I finished my last class as a 2L. It was just another night of Corporations with talk of fiduciary duty and corporate responsibility. When I walked out of the LRC, I was happy but also scared. Finals are coming, and then I will be a 3L, after which I will have to pass the bar. These last years have flown by.

My second year, in many ways, has been better than my first year, but in other ways, it has been harder.

The second year was great because I could work and choose the professors and classes that I liked. I like internships because I learn best by doing, and I get to learn and try things I would never get to in a classroom. I have met some amazing people and done work I am very proud. I also have a much better living situation. In the first year, I came to San Diego a few days before classes started, and I had to find a roommate right away on Craigslist. I lived with two non-law students, and they did not always understand that I would need to have quiet time to study. Now, I live with a fellow law student, and she is a great and respectful roommate. We are both boring and go to bed at a reasonable hour, and she never fights with her boyfriend at 2:00 a.m. before I have a final in the morning, so everything is just great.

The second year was even more stressful in many ways. Trying to balance work with class has been a challenge made only more challenging by the added stress and time drain from extracurricular activities. I also had an unfortunate accident and had to spend half of fall semester with my right wrist in a cast—no, it was not a softball injury; although, that appears to be the leading cause of injury in law school. The injury made writing papers and outlining much harder. However, I persevered, still finished a successful semester, and landed my dream job for the summer, while in the cast.

I now have an excellent internship for the summer in San Jose. Hopefully, this internship turns into a job offer, so I can get paid to do what I love long-term.

Although I love living in San Diego, I have already accepted that I may not end up here long-term. But, I plan to make the most of the rest of my time here and have a kick-ass third year. I am also applying for the joint JD/LLM program, to complete an LLM in one extra semester. So, I am very excited about my prospects.

I look forward to a productive and exciting future!

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