The Pursuit of Healthiness

We did it, folks. We made it through the first week. Let’s get real, regardless of what year you’re in, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re all still alive and well. For some of us, the excitement of a new year of law school is still in full force. A great handful of us are still feeling wildly ambitious. Meanwhile, others of us, like myself, have been fortunate enough to be enrolled in classes where the professors either (a) don’t use the Socratic method, or (b) provide you with some sort of heads up with regards to when you will be called on (But, if you’re anything like me, knowing when “your day” is still won’t stop you from doing the bare minimum and then pulling answers out of your you-know-where whilst answering).

My point? Sanity still lives on. Which is exactly why I decided to join a gym last week. Last year, sans-gym membership, I told myself I would go out running on the beach for exercise. HA. Like that ever happened. So, this year, I decided to join a gym. My thought process: I get a membership now and then I’ll be forced to use it the entire school year. If I don’t use it, hopefully I’ll feel guilty about wasting my monthly membership fee and then maybe I’ll start going so that I’m not simply throwing money down the drain. Let’s get real, that still won’t stop me from having a diet/exercise regime of Diet Coke + french fries + sleeping in my car between classes, but hey! It’s the thought that counts, right? Maybe I can use this as some sort of law school-related psychological experiment and then attempt to publish it in the SDCBA newsletter or something. Anyway, I now have a cute little gym barcode-tag-thing on my keychain. I feel skinny every time I look at it.

How many of you guys have gym memberships? If you live in an apartment complex, does it have a gym? Do you use it? I had one in the apartment complex that I lived in last year and the lack of air-conditioning just really didn’t do it for me (don’t worry they did have a single fan…) Or, if you go to an outside gym like me (I felt cool typing that), which one did you pick?

My roommate goes to 24 Hour Fitness, so that was instantly the one I checked out first. Starting on Wednesday, they are having a $40 monthly rate deal (no startup fee) and my sales rep was trying to get me to go for it. I honestly thought that was a little ridiculous to pay (I seriously only use the treadmill…) so I had to walk away. Plus, the sales rep had a “Hey-do-you-want-to-squeeze-my-bicep-and-then-watch-me-look-at-myself-in-the-mirror” air about him.

The second placed I called I found on Yelp. It’s called “Being Fit” in Clairemont, and it was a much better deal. Right now they have no start up fees and its $15/month. I must admit I definitely loved how cheap it was, but it was just so much smaller and was not open as late. Plus, I really don’t think I could bring myself to tell people that I work out a gym called “Being Fit.”

Then I went to LA Fitness, which I found to be a happy medium between the two. It’s not the 24 Hour Fitness Supersport, true, but it definitely is big and nice enough to entice me to go exercise at all. And the fact that the sales rep wasn’t a total creep definitely felt like a sign that it was the right choice. I hopped onto a $25 down, $30 a month deal, and left the place a happy camper.

In conclusion, if you’re like me and you’re wanting to exercise and be healthy this next year, do it now. I’m interested to see how my new exercise plan affects my stress levels. I’m even more excited to see if I choose to exercise at all. One things for sure: there is always softball. And THAT is something that everyone should definitely make some time for. Hands down.

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