Week Three? Four?

Does anyone know what day it is? For a while I thought today was Monday. If you’re out getting shwasted at Bar Review right now, you’re probably well aware that it’s actually Friday (actually, I take that back, if you’re at Bar Review you don’t know who the person that you’re making out with is let alone what the day of the week is…just kidding. Like anyone gets any action at Bar Reviews.) Anyway, back to my point. I thought most of today was Monday. Mostly because of a lack of sleep and because school is starting to pick up aka the weekends are starting to look more and more like the weekdays.  This is especially true in light of the fact that I, like so many of you, had the brilliant idea of signing up for the Moot Court Alumni Tournament and have had time for absolutely nothing but brief-writing today (Did I seriously voluntarily assign myself a 30 page brief? On my own free will? Am I a masochist?) All of my days this week have thus followed the same general schedule: work, work, work. See Me v. Sanity, 9 A.O. 37 (2012).  (You know I’ve been doing nothing but legal writing all night when I’m using the word “thus” in a blog…)

Despite how busy this week has been, I have had time to nonetheless make a few observations whilst at school:

Observation #1: Large herds of 18 year olds and their parents waltzing onto campus. RIP life where I was able to get to campus 15 minutes before class starts, park, use the restroom, fill up my water bottle (have you SEEN that fancy new machine in the Writs!? I keep chugging water during class just so I can find an excuse to use it…yes, that is what the word entertainment means for people like me…), and get in my seat with a few minutes to spare. Here’s to being 30 minutes late for class every day.

Observation #2: The LRC is still set at a cozy -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Last year, this wasn’t a problem. First semester, when I was still excited about life, I brought my Snuggie with me to the LRC. #noshame. Then, when my trips to the library between classes progressively became shorter and shorter (due to my frequent exchange of study time for nap time), I stopped bringing my Snuggie with me.  You see, this wasn’t a problem seeing as how I soon discovered how blissfully warm the second floor mezzanine of the LRC is. Well, folks, I returned to the second floor mezzanine only to find that it has been STRIPPED of all of its warmth and now just sucks as bad as any other floor. Back to the Snuggie we go. #warmth #trendy #foreveralone

Observation #3: Random people who never spoke in class last year coming back to school this year as full-fledged gunners. Who are you? Stop it.

Observation #4:  Couples. Everywhere. Get away from me.

Observation #5: Professor Alexander in jeans and a t-shirt. Still not sure how I feel about it.

 I’d like to thank law school finals for causing me to feel the need to clearly organize and label the prior five observations. #lawschoolproblems. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I keep using hashtags. I don’t even have a Twitter. Anyway, hope everyone has a great week. And for those of you who are in the midst of brief-writing, I salute you, I stand with you, I understand you….and I hope you lose. Just kidding!…but really.

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