Join Motions today and show the world your first amendment powers!

By Sam Laughlin:  Editor-in-Chief

Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “Where the press is free, and every man able to read, all is safe.”  The press is a powerful tool.  It can topple governments, destroy businesses, and either ruin or raise the lives of average citizens.  It can also uplift, inspire, educate, and entertain.  Truly, the power of the press is a power to respect, to admire, and to fear.

Here, at the University of San Diego School of Law, you hold an example of that power in your very hands. Motions is the only student-run newspaper at USD, published once a month both in print and online at  The aim of the paper is to shed light on issues important to the student body, everything from new professors and policies affecting the school to events hitting San Diego.

More importantly, Motions is here to entertain, to help bring students out of their periodic study funks, and to encourage all of us to dig deeper into USD and into San Diego.  Last year, I wrote an article about Batman, just to give you an idea about how things roll around here. Law school is intense, and one chief chore biting the sides of law students around the country is writing.  20 page briefs, 40 page journal comments, endless binders of notes (and doodles), and essay after essay after essay, law school is not short on writing. Writing for Motions, however, is different.  We encourage our writers to write articles on subjects they know and love, from surfing to movies to music to news to just about anything.  Want to investigate potential conspiracies in intramural softball?  We’ll print it.  The latest Supreme Court opinion got your goat?  We’ll print it.  Like puppies?  We’ll print it.  We want artists.  We want photographers.  We want those students who doodle in their casebooks (we will print your doodles if you insist).  And we especially want those students spurred by a desire to tell a story to the world. Motions is also a club unlike any other in law school.  First of all, writing for Motions carries no commitment.

Signing up is easy, by either seeking out our table at the student organization fair on Tuesday August 28, or by e-mailing us at Once placed on our e-mail list, you will receive a message once a month calling for writers.  You can either submit an idea, or volunteer to write or investigate an issue we intend to write about.  You will hear from one of the associate editors concerning your article, and off you go!  If life has become too busy, and you’re afraid you won’t have time for an article… simple: do not respond to the e-mail.  There are no dues, no meetings, nothing but your writing and your work, should you choose to contribute.

Also, Motions costs you nothing.  In fact, Motions pays YOU.  Depending on your contribution, you can earn between $5 and $40, per submission, for published work per issue.  Please be aware that submitting an article is no guarantee it will be published, due to the number of articles we receive and the limited layout of the paper, but please talk to any of our staff about your ideas and we will work you and your articles into future issues, or let you post your article online. Let your voice be heard.  Get connected to your school and start telling stories.  Your career in law is nothing without the skill to tell stories.  So start telling yours today.


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