Law School Sports – Yes, That is a Thing

By Nico Weiss: Associate Editor

Law school can addle your mind and turn your body into mush if you’re not careful. Intramural sports are a great way to take a healthy break from school. The first thing that incoming 1Ls should know is that everybody plays intramural softball. Literally half of the 1L class last year joined a team. 1L softball is not only good for a study break, but also a great opportunity to bond with your classmates and practice your pun-manship.

The day of each game players wear their jerseys to class, sporting names like “Swinging Dicta” and “I’d Hit That.” The best names are triple entendre of baseball idiom, sexual innuendo, and legal terms—but are still appropriate for law school.

There are just a few more things 1Ls should know about intramural softball: “Graduate-level beverages” are no longer allowed on the softball diamond, and obviously inebriated students caught on-field will be asked to leave, but post- game gatherings still abound. Also, since the leagues are co-ed, female players are a hot commodity. And finally, it really is tons of fun—even for people who (like me) would normally rather play any other game.

If softball’s not your bag, there are lots of other options to choose from. The intramural calendar is online (, but highlights include flag football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball. In my experience, these non-softball sports tend to be a bit more competitive and serious. There is no pre-gaming in intramural soccer on my team. The goal of these leagues is still to have fun, but players are of a high caliber and winning is fun. Nobody should feel disallowed from joining a league, but they will be expected to play regularly (and on many teams, to play well). Of course, for the high-school superstars and athletes-turned-law-students, this all might be good news.

Players can register online as either individuals or as a team. There is a small fee, an injury waiver, and a team registration form. Details can again be found online, but sign-ups close two weeks before the season begins. The website warns that leagues can fill up quickly so people should sign up early. After teams have signed up, captains attend a meeting that clarifies league rules. The captains’ meeting is mostly mandatory and probably a good idea regardless, in order to make sure everybody is on the same page.

Whatever your game or intensity level, intramurals are a great way to stay sane during law school, with a wide range of choices so that anyone can play. So grab your cleats, pick up your bat, or oil up your lucky mitt and I will see you out on the field. USD Intramurals: “LEARN. LIVE. PLAY. THE RECREATION WAY.”


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