How Law School Softball Saves Your Life

By: Ish Bhanu

Within seconds she locks eyes with the pitcher.  The thoughts of briefing, outlining, and moot court disappear.  She swings with all her power and the ball goes flying.  The team goes wild and loud cheers fill the sidelines. The adrenaline rush of law school softball is back. She can feel the thrill deep in her bones. It is something that has been sorely missed all summer.

Softball is the shinning beacon on the hill for many USD Law students. It is part of the USD Law collective experience that nobody can ignore. Softball teams generally come together in their 1L year. Students, new to the school and consumed by their course load, find softball to be a great way of making friends and releasing pent up energy all at the same time.

But softball is more than just a chance to relax on the field. Low Expectations Coach, 2L Lori Chiu, recently described her motivations for getting involved in softball at a post-victory press conference in Warren Hall. She said, “Even though it can get intense on the field, most soon-to-be lawyers love to argue and win. It is a great way to make friends and network with fellow law students.” This sentiment is shared not just by Chiu, but is echoed throughout the softball community at USD Law.

In addition, it is not a real softball game at USD without a few of our furry canine friends meandering the sidelines.  At a recent softball game, several dogs maintained a commanding presence atop a pile of softball mitts, as they sat back and took in the game.  Dog owner and 2L, Maureen MacManus, has been bringing her pup, Hobie, to softball games for weeks.  She recently said, “Bringing Hobie to the games is great way to help our team unwind in time for the game.  He is an official member our team, playing a very important role.”

The benefits of softball also extend into the networking field. At a sit-down interview with recent game MVP 2L Lisa Fukushima, she discussed how being a member of Low Expectations factored into her job search.  “My interviewer loved the dedication that I showed by being part of the softball team.  He talked about his own days playing intramural sports in law school and that helped us take the interview to a more personal level.”  Clearly softball at USD Law is something more than just a break from schoolwork; it is helping the players become part of the legal community of San Diego.

As the coursework continues to come in, softball continues to be a refuge from the hustle and bustle. It is a reward on Thursday nights for the sleep deprived, work-filled life of a law student. The game is one of the few respites during the week when the worries seem to slip away and everyone can just hang out with friends and relax.


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