Last Thursday night, anyone who was on Manchester Field around 9pm saw perhaps one of the greatest films of all time come to life.  Yes, my friends, I’m talking about Heavyweights.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s pretty much about a fat camp that gets taken over by a psychotic Ben Stiller character (Tony Perkis, hereinafter known as “Uncle Tony”).  The movie documents the kids’ journey through camp, surviving Uncle Tony’s insane attempts to make them all as thin and fit as he is.  At the end of the film, the fat camp competes against a neighboring skinny camp in a huge relay race of sorts, and [*spoiler alert*] the fat camp wins.

Last Thursday night, a group of 2Ls gathered together on Manchester Field for a little game of softball.  On one side of the field, you had the Law Tigers, a team that paralleled the skinny team in Heavyweights.  They were good.  They won games.  Everyone knew it.  And boy, they knew it too.  After all, this was a team that was ranked somewhere around third place going into the first round of playoffs.  Like the skinny team in Heavyweights, some of the players even had their own fancy gear.

And then, on the other side of the field, you saw Low Expectations.  Like the fat kids from Camp Hope, this was a team that no one had ever been afraid of.  Former opponents had even (audibly) slid comments under their breath about how Low Expectations was nothing but a “loser” team.  True, Low Expectations had won enough games to put them in the playoffs and the team is incredibly fit and good looking, so they were a little better off than the kids in Heavyweights, BUT the point is that this was a team people expected little of (But I mean, can you really blame them? Look at the team name…).  What the University of San Diego School of Law didn’t realize up to this point was that this was a team that had one thing that no one else did: heart.

…Ok maybe we had a whole bunch of luck thrown in there too.

Anyway, the game began. And within just a few innings, Low Expectations was up by 12 runs! What on earth was happening? Did our acceptance of our inevitable loss somehow free our innate skill? Or was this simply an act of God? At bat, Low Expectations kept on getting on base.  We hit our balls right where they needed to go.  And one by one the Law Tigers fell.  They slipped, they slided, and they missed ball after ball after ball.  And in turn, we ran runner after runner after runner back to home base.  It was amazing, it was miraculous, it was victory.  But, the Law Tigers didn’t let us get away with that amazing inning that easily.  They put up a good fight.  They came back, however, in the end Low Expectations held its ground and left the game with a 14-13 win.

The team ended the night ended with celebration, with confidence, and with absolute glory.  This was an absolute upset; Low Expectations was advancing on to the second round of playoffs, leaving the Law Tigers behind!  Not a single person would have predicted such a result.  Bystanders watching the gamed were both shocked and impressed.  One thing everyone, however, learned after the night was over was that the maxim about not underestimating the underdog is most definitely and undoubtedly true.  Will Low Expectations win next week? Probably not.  I mean, I would bet against us and I’m the team MVP (autographs accepted).  Either way, it doesn’t really matter.  We pulled off perhaps the greatest and most remarkable victory of the year, and for us, at least, that is enough.  We keep our expectations low, remember?

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