The Most Terrible Time of the Year

The weather is finally chilly.  Christmas lights are springing up on houses.  Campus is decorated in wreaths and garlands.  Holiday music is playing on the radio.  Starbucks and other food chains have their speciality holiday menus available for one and all to partake. In essence, the holiday season is finally upon us.  And where are we?

…the LRC.

If you are anything like me (which I know many of you are), instead of basking in the jolly and joy of the holidays, you:

  • Currently look like a homeless person.
  • Also currently look like a man.
  • Have a diet that consists of fruit snacks and red bull.
  • Don’t know what day it is.
  • Receive looks of pity and/or fright from innocent bystanders that you pass during your caffeine run at the nearest 7 Eleven
  • Hate your life.
  • Are freezing because the LRC is STILL negative five thousand degrees.
  • Know all of the memes on the whatshouldwecallme and wheninlawschool tumblrs, yet are still browsing through the old archives, laughing hysterically at all of the law school jokes.
  • Feel weird because you find law school jokes so funny and entertaining.
  • Are sick of having to find your ID card before you enter the LRC every day.
  • Haven’t seen sunlight in a week.
  • Hate your life.
  • Have said “whatever, I don’t even care about my grades, I’m just here to get a JD” about 100 times already.
  • Have watched more YouTube videos in the course of a week than you previously had in your entire life collectively.
  • Are trying to teach yourself an entire class from an E&E because you didn’t pay attention once this past semester.
  • Have entertained the thoughts “What am I doing with my life?” “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”
  • Have probably spent more time online shopping than you have outlining.
  • Are constantly drinking tons of water just so you will have an excuse to leave your desk to go pee.
  • Are praying that the end of the world happens right before your hardest final. Or all of your finals for that matter.
  • Are contemplating dropping out of law school to become a reality TV star.

Or, you’re nothing like me because you are a CALI winner and have been memorizing your outline every week since the semester began.  To you, I say: stop that.

Regardless, whatever your study habits may be, may we all survive this terrible, terrible time in our lives.

God bless us, every one.

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