On Frugality:

There we were… sleeping in til noon, snowboarding on the California snow aka the ice, going to the movies, spending time with friends and family, not writing our comments, not filling out job applications, not finalizing our schedules for the upcoming semester.

…then we came back to school and people started getting angry at us for not being available to kick it every day.  (And yes, I do feel like a tool for using the phrase “kick it.”  YOLO.)  Typically, the first week of school is more or less a breeze.  And at least academically speaking, it has been.  We haven’t had a graded clicker quiz in any of my classes yet, day 2 of Community Property was cancelled, and we spent more time figuring out how to work InstaPoll in Oral Advocacy than discussing the course.  What has been difficult, however, has been getting back into the swing of things–getting used to not getting 10 hours of sleep every night, grocery shopping for the week… you know, administrative stuff.  For example, let’s discuss one notable start to the semester that has been particularly frustrating. Ladies and gentleman, I present:

“Saving as Much Money on Textbooks as Possible: Opportunity Cost = Happiness.”

Step 1: Yours Truly (hereinafter “YT”) makes a New Year’s Resolution of sorts to actually read for her classes this semester.

Step 2: YT enrolls in one Corporations course.

Step 3: YT sees that the bookstore is selling the Corporations textbook for five thousand dollars. Literally. (OK, maybe not literally).

Step 4: YT would rather spend her money at Yogurtland and/or J.Crew and/or Target. #priorities

Step 5: YT browses Amazon and Half.com and starts talking to Friend (hereinafter “TR8R”).

Step 6: TR8R informs YT he/she knows someone who knows someone who dated someone who has an old Corporations book.

Step 7: YT thus declines to buy a textbook online  and waits to collect textbook from TR8R.

Step 8: YT is now rich. YT buys celebratory Yogurtland.

Step 9: Days go by. TR8R informs YT said textbook is no longer available.

Step 10: YT is not too frazzled because YT saw two Corporations textbooks being sold at the SBA Book Exchange.

Step 11: Day 1 of the Book Exchange begins at 10:00 am. Day 1 of Book Exchange is also Day 2 of Corporations class.

Step 12:  YT arrives at Book Exchange at 10:15 am. Both Corporations books are gone.

Step 13: YT is angry.

Step 14: YT orders book on Amazon. Fastest shipping still won’t bring YT her book for another week. YT is even angrier.

Step 15: YT also comes to the conclusion that it is highly likely that YT gained a minimum of 5 pounds over the holiday break.

Step 16: YT is forced to constantly annoy classmates about borrowing classmates’ books.

Conclusion: YT is now a fat, grumpy, leech.

Analysis: YT was not destined to read for class this semester.


….And there you have it folks. We’re off to a great start. 2013 is going to be the Year of Success. I can feel it.

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