On Valentine’s Day.

Let me begin this post by saying that there’s really no way to write about Valentine’s day when you’re single without sounding pathetic.  There are really two approaches to take: (1) write about how Valentine’s day is a stupid social holiday tailored for the promotion of consumerism or (2) write about how Valentine’s day is the most wonderfully warm and fuzzy day of the year!  The problem is, with approach (1), you really just end up sounding like a bitter old maid (or a hipster) still trying to get over a bad breakup, and well, let’s get real, no one can take approach (2) unless they’re taking an overwhelmingly high quantity of Prozac or dating Ryan Gosling.

So, I’m going to take approach (3) and discuss how Valentine’s Day is a great holiday because regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, it gives you a great excuse to eat a sh*t load of chocolate without giving two cents about what it does to your ability to fit into your skinny jeans.

In fact, when you think about it, Valentine’s Day is really just one great big excuse for a wide range of behaviors.  On this day, for example, every girl in the nation has a perfect excuse to reasonably expect flowers and chocolates from her boyfriend (you know you’re in law school when you classify an expectation as “reasonable.”)  And, if he doesn’t deliver, every girl in the world has an equally valid excuse to play mind games with the poor fool for at least four days as punishment   And well, this holiday is all about promoting loving, healthy relationships anyway, so it really does make sense.

On the flip side, maybe if I wanted to wake up at noon and eat Lucky Charms in my bed all day instead of going to class, I could.  After all, today is Valentine’s Day.  That’s not what I’m actually doing today (gasp), because last night I flew to Washington D.C. and will be hanging out here til Sunday.  (Not to say that if I was still in San Diego I wouldn’t be in bed right now eating Lucky Charms all day…that’s what my weekends look like so I don’t see why holidays would receive any lesser treatment…)  But while I’m here in D.C., can I eat all of the heart-shaped sugar cookies the friend I’m staying with made?  Can I do absolutely no homework?  Yes… Yes I can.  Because not only is today Valentine’s Day, this week is Valentine’s WEEK!  Surprise! You actually get the whole week off.  Everyone knows that… which is why I have eaten some sort of cake every day since this past Sunday….I mean, I basically needed to.  It’s Valentine’s week.

Even if you’re not a total psycho like me, Valentine’s Day is still a great excuse to do something with someone.  Whether it be someone you’re romantically interested in, a group of friends, or your cat, everyone will find some way to celebrate this day.  (Oh, and P.S. avoiding a way to celebrate the holiday slash doing a “SINGLZ ONLY” party still counts as celebrating, so, jokes on you.)  So enjoy it, my friends.  The only two times of the year where calories don’t count are today/this week and your birthday/birthday week. Don’t waste it.  #YOLO




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