Welcome to the Marketplace!

By Sam Laughlin


For the longest time, USD students have met in dark alleys, dilapidated crack-dens, and the student book fair to exchange goods and services.  But no more!  Motions and our friends at Vehicle Media have created the Motions Marketplace, our very-own USD School of Law classifieds section!  Which you can find here.

The Marketplace is divided into two sections that, honestly, explain themselves.  “I NEED” is for posts needing stuff to buy; “I HAVE” is for posts with stuff to sell.  The site is designed to work like Craigslist, but for the exclusive use of USD students.  Only USD school emails will allow access to the site, and our top-notch security will keep spam and unwanted attention out.  So, no creepers.  Unless they’re law students, and then I can’t help you.

You first need to register using your LAW SCHOOL email address.  A password will then be sent to you.  Check your spam folder if it’s mysteriously not showing up.

The site is still under some maintenance, as all pieces of software cause problems after launch.  We are aware of several issues and are working to resolve them.  In the meantime, if you encounter any problems with the site, please emails us at Motions@sandiego.edu.

We hope that the marketplace becomes part of your average day here on campus.  Jump in there and hawk some wares!

To learn more about Vehicle Media, stand-up fellas who handled our coding for the new section, check out their website here: http://vehiclemedia.com/

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