Food Review by Annie Su – Brunch and Breakfast Edition

Food Review by Annie Su – Brunch and Brunch Edition
by Annie Su

Snooze (Hillcrest)

This place is very popular.  We tried to eat here twice before on a weekend around 9:00 a.m., but were told that the wait would be at least 45 minutes so we booked it.  It turned out that the third time was the charm.  We arrived at 8:45 a.m. on a Tuesday and were seated immediately, but it was really filling up.  So if you want to eat here, don’t come on a weekend, unless you arrive when they open at 7:00 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

The food was decent and the portions were big.  We both ordered lattes, which were quite tasty.  I didn’t find out until later that they have bottomless coffee, which probably would have been a more cost efficient idea, especially because this place, like most Hillcrest places, is kind of pricy.  Our total was close to $40.  I had a Bella! Bella! Benny, which is their Italian version of an eggs benedict.  It came with prosciutto, arugula, ciabatta bread and hash browns on the side.  My boyfriend had the Snooze Breakfast Burrito, which was enormous.  I didn’t try it but he said it was okay.

The service was really great – they were friendly and attentive but not overly so.  The décor was retro; my boyfriend really liked that.  One of my favorite things about Snooze is that they encourage you to customize your order.  Don’t you hate those places that write “No Substitutions” all over the menus?  There’s a parking structure across the street but I’m not sure if they validate.  There are parking meters all around the block and if you arrive early enough, which you should, a lot of them should still be available.

The food definitely was not good enough to justify the high prices, but I would most likely return to try something else just to make sure.

Verdict: 3.5/5

The Eggery (Pacific Beach)

The Eggery is, hands down, my favorite place to get brunch in San Diego.  It’s large, so even if you have to wait, it’s never for a very long time.  The best part is that they’re right next to the beach and you can bring your dog with you as long as you sit outside.  And when you’re done eating you can take your dog for a walk and burn off [some of] the calories you just ingested.  The service is friendly and if you order coffee with your meal, they give you a whole carafe of it so you don’t have to keep asking for refills.  I am fairly certain it is bottomless.

I always order the Bacada Benedict, because it’s amazing and if I order anything else I’ll stare wistfully at other tables that have benedicts.  It comes with hash browns on the side, which you can substitute for fruit.  My boyfriend has ordered the French toast (good), the breakfast croissant sandwich (good), breakfast enchilada (meh) and the bacado omelette (yum), which is exactly what it sounds like – a bacon and avocado omelet.  Everything is always brought out fairly quickly, even if the restaurant is crowded.  Our bill usually comes out to around $23.

As for the parking situation, there is an underground structure around the corner from the restaurant if you can’t find space in the lot.  Also, you don’t have to pay at the box in the lot if you’re eating at The Eggery.  The above ground lot is closed on Saturdays to make room for a farmer’s market, which sells flowers, fruits, produce and some delicious cashews.

My boyfriend and I eat here about once a month, and will continue to return as long as we live in San Diego.

Verdict: 4.5/5

The Cottage (La Jolla)

If you’re willing to commute to La Jolla, The Cottage is a semi-fancy brunch place with both inside and outside seating.  On weekends I would recommend getting there by 9:00 a.m.  They have coffee while you wait, which is always nice.  I have had their eggs benedict, but their French toast is really where it’s at.  It is divine.

The parking situation isn’t great, because it’s all street parking, but there’s usually a lot around and you won’t need to walk more than a couple blocks to the restaurant.

It’s a bit of a drive and a little pricy, but in my opinion, The Cottage is worth it.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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