BACON! – Slater’s 50/50 Review

By: Ish Bhanu

BACON! For those bacon lovers out there who would eat bacon for every meal of the day, then Slater’s 50/50 is for you. Not for the weak hearted, this fine establishment at Liberty Station in Point Loma is the holy land of bacon eaters across San Diego. Building on the basic premise of affordable quality meat and lavish toppings, Slater’s has rocketed to the top of the burger charts across the state. This place has a fun and relaxed sports bar atmosphere with at least a dozen televisions on every wall in the place tuned in to sporting events from across the globe.

Though they have other dishes, Slater’s is primarily known for their 50/50 burgers. These burgers are composed of half beef and half bacon. This combination proves to be a sultry and satisfying mix that left me wondering why haven’t other restaurants emulated this gold mind in the bacon loving industry. Each burger comes available with 8 patty choices (including one vegetarian), 5 bun choices, 19 sauces, 11 cheese choices, 22 standard topping choices, and 18 premium topping choices.  With meat, bun, cheese, sauce, and single topping, this leads to an unlimited number of combinations available to the patrons for whatever mood they are in. Failed a final? Aced a midterm? Choked on your oral argument? Or destroyed your opponent in mock trial? Then you will find some combination of meat and toppings to match your spirits here.


From the moment you come to Slater’s you are in for a good time. You check-in with the hostess at the front desk and give her your cell phone number. The restaurant then sends you text message updates giving a time estimate on when your table will be ready. How is this not the standard practice is all restaurants? While you wait for your table and let the thought of a 50/50 burger begin to ruminate in your head, you can relax in their Beer Garden.

The Beer Garden is a courtyard with a bar and various games available for your enjoyment. The bar has over a whopping 110 beers on tap on any given night and more than enough to satisfy the quench of anyone in your group. So as your group gulps down some frosty adult beverages, you can partake in a larger than life version of Jenga or sit and relax amongst the stars.

Once you sit down at your table prepare for your wildest bacon fantasies to come true. After initially ordering fries as an appetizers, I realized that the fries had been topped with bacon salt as I was dipping them into bacon ketchup. Delicioso! I chose to go with the 50/50 burger with a wide variety of toppings, essentially adding more bacon and bacon sauces to compliment the simmering meat. After my burger was delivered, my first thought was how the hell do I eat this mammoth burger? I was required to use their steak knife to cut the burger in half and then took my sweet time enjoying every morsel of the burger. After finishing my meal, I had realized that there was not a scrap of food left on anyone’s plate.

Unable to resist desert, we had to order a Bacon Brownie for the table. This rich chocolate brownie mixed with chunks of bacon was simply divine. I feel as though finding the perfect combination between sweet and salty in a bacon brownie must be no easy task, but Slater’s found the sweet spot and did not disappoint. The brownie was the perfect cap to a great evening catching up with friends and watching the Laker’s game. For those of you with a knack for trivia, make your way down to Slater’s on Tuesday nights for trivia tournaments and to claim your title as Bacon King of San Diego.

Your crown, sir.


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