Pitch Perfect: Week Two

Pitch Perfect: Week Two
By Ali Adelman

The first month of law school has come to an end and so has the second week of softball.  Every team in the league has now had a chance to prove itself, bringing all the sleeper teams with byes last week into the light.  This week was the first showing for SOLES, a new team from the USD School of Leadership and Education Sciences, but they lost their debut to Lengthy Dictums in a 17-1 blowout.  It was also the first appearance for the 3L team I’d Hit That, but a final score of 21-3 made for an unfortunate beating from last years champions Pitch Pleease.

Six teams in the league are still undefeated, five of which are 2-0.  Lengthy Dictums, a 1L team, has the highest run differential and is currently at the top of the standings.  However, the rookie team has yet to play any of the fierce upper level USD Law competitors. Only time will tell if this team can continue to hold its own and maintain its spot at the top of the standings.

Two 3L teams, the North Koreans and Pitch Pleease, are tied for second place.  These squads have been dominating on the field and both have put up a 21-run differential but against arguably modest competition.  Watching these two tee off is shaping up to be the game of the season. But who comes out on top is still a toss up. In any event Manchester Field is the place to be on Thursday nights, as the first two weeks have been crowded with both players and spectators. Be there or be square this Thursday in week 3 to watch the real competition rise above the not so creamy of the crop.

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