Pitch Perfect: Week Three

Pitch Perfect: Week Three
By Ali Adelman

As the third week of softball passes us by, three teams are a perfect 3-0, and 5 winning teams scored 12 runs. Putting the magic numbers aside, four teams still remain unbeaten; North Koreans, Pitch Pleease, Low Expectations, and Writ it and Quit it maintain their top spots, but Writ it and Quit kept their perfect 2-0 record by sliding through with a bye. And on the other end of the spectrum we still have two teams who have yet to leave the field victorious as Intentional Battery and Pro Boners struggle to ease their way into the season.

This could be called the week of the wire as most games came right down to it. Half of the games were won by 4 runs or less. Low Expectations beat Sandlawt with a final score of 12-8, while across the turf the Swingers beat Intentional battery in a 12-11 nail biter. Gavel Bangers put up a good fight against Pitch Pleease, but still lost 12-9, and SOLES only just made it by Hung Jurors at 12-10.

This week might be more aptly titled the week of wire-you-yelling-at-me?! Many teams ended their games particularly frustrated, to say the least, with the efficacy of the softball league umpires.  Multiple games witnessed yelling and profanity directed at the blues. The 10:00pm game on Field B was especially heated and emotions ran high as one of the umpires under fire ejected a team captain. Not surprisingly, the team did not believe this was warranted and, also not surprisingly, was not afraid to say so. Patience testing shenanigans were also present at the game just before however and, in all fairness, it was surely a cumulative effect that inspired the ejection. Practically speaking, the refs are struggling with the rules and judgment calls and the league is clearly in need of some adjustments from the officials. The softball commissioner seems to be of the same mind luckily and following the eventful evening, reminded all team captains that they (and their teams) must maintain a modicum of sportsmanship. I.e. treat everyone, including the umps, with respect while on the field. In the end, everyone is there to have a good time and there is no use losing sight of that. That being said, most teams are rather competitive, and are hoping this won’t be a recurring issue throughout the season.

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