Pitch Perfect – Week 5

By Ali Adelman

Despite the campus wide power outage that struck USD, the lights were shining bright by Thursday night and the energy was running high at Manchester Valley field. With many equally matched teams facing off, the majority of the games were both competitive and close.

Low Expectations just barely slipped by I’d Hit That in a thrilling 7-6 victory. The competitive spirit lingered on that field, as the very next game proved to be just as exciting. It was a battle of the 2Ls as Torts Illustrated and Swingers faced off, with many friends (and perhaps temporary foes) on opposite sides of the field exchanging light-hearted banter.  The runs came early and some excellent defense kept the last few innings tense but Torts Illustrated came out on top by two runs, winning the battle 7-5.

On the other side of the turf, Lengthy Dictums kept their losses to 1 by defeating Writ It and Quit It 9-5. The 1L team Writ It started the season strong but has been struggling as of late.  Is it memo writing time already? Intentional Battery certainly came out on top after an offensive battle with 1L of a Team but scraped by on a single run winning 11-10.  The lights turned off again (though thankfully on purpose this time) after Sandlawt beat SOLES in a 14-9 victory.

The softball drama has died down quite a bit in the recent weeks, but there still remains some angst between players and umpires. The showdown between Demigods of Law and Hung Jurors certainly saw sporadic sparks as multiple quarrels with the umpires kept emotions running hot. We should have known the serenity would only last for so long, law students need somewhere to expel the week’s stress and lashing out at professors can result in some trouble with the curve.

In other news, a new team has officially secured the number one spot in the standings. Low Expectations, now at 5-0, sits in the top spot while Pitch Please remains 4-0 after a bye week.  As the only teams who remain undefeated, the next few weeks should be exciting as both teams try to prove their invincibility.

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