Pitch Please: Playoffs Round 1

Pitch Please: Playoffs Round 1
By Ali Adelman

The regular intramural softball season has come to an end.  The season has been quite an entertaining one, from sciffs with umpires, to ejections, and whopping +45 run differentials.  Two teams finished up the season with a run differential over 40, practically twice as much as the next best team at +26. Pitch Please solidified its season-long spot at the top of the standings, finishing with a spotless 7-0 record and a +45 run differential. Right behind them was Lengthy Dictums finishing in second place with a 6-1 record and +44. The third place team, Low Expectations, also finished with a 6-1 record but only rallied a +26. The fourth place team managed another significant run differential with +44, but only finished 5-3.  Per usual, the 3Ls have dominated the league showing what a few years together can do for a team.

The fun is far from over though. Playoffs start this Thursday night, and it is do or die time, as 8 teams will be eliminated over the course of the evening. Pitch Please will play the non-law SOLES who finished the regular season with only 2 wins but managed the last slot of the playoffs at the number 16 seed nevertheless.  The number two seed, Lengthy Dictums, will face off against the fifteenth seed, the 2L Demigods of Law.  The middle of the bracket should prove for somewhat more even-handed battles.  The most exciting game of the night should include Sandlawt, the number 9 seed, facing Gavel Bangers, the number 8 seed.  The night-opener should be a showdown of the 1Ls as seventh seed Writ it and Quit It faces 1L of a team coming from the tenth seed.  And in a battle of Motions editors, the sixth seed Swingers will be taking on the eleventh seed I’d Hit That.

Two teams unfortunately did not qualify for the playoffs; I suggest Barry’s Bail Bonds and Pro Boners start practicing now if they want a chance at the playoffs in the spring. Better luck next season though.  Everyone should come out and support their favorite team this Thursday night though, as it may well be their last!

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