Pitch Please: Final Edition

Pitch Please: Final Edition
By Ali Adelman

After some exciting drama and some minor delays, the fall intramural softball league has finally come to a close, and a new champion has been born.

Due to some heavy (perhaps the East coasters would disagree) rain, the semifinals and championship games were postponed until Wednesday December 4th.  The rain finally subsided and the cold front that followed did not stop these teams from competing. In the semi finals, Low Expectations played some incredible defense and limited the impressive rookie 1L team to just one run, and defeated Lengthy Dictums 7-1.  North Koreans then came out strong to beat Pitch Please 19-3, which is their biggest loss of the season. The North Koreans were on their hitting game and their consistency up the middle solidified the win to knock the two-time defending champions out of contention.

The championship game was a test of offense against defense. Unfortunately, hitting is contagious. While Low Expectations’ defense was near perfect entering the championship, the North Koreans bats could not be stopped and defeated Low Expectations by a score of 9-1. The North Koreans are now the Supreme Leader of the Grad/Law softball world, aka the new champions.

The League Commissioner, Derek Noack, was kind enough to share his valuable study time with us in an exclusive one-on-one prime-time interview.  This season marked his 4th full season in charge of the Grad/Law Intramural league, and he noted that this season started off with a few fireworks.  “Unlike past seasons where primarily experienced law students composed my staff of umpires, this season saw a shift to exclusively undergrad umpires in the mix.  There was a learning curve adjustment period as both players and our new undergrad umps adopted and learned the intricacies of the IM rules and also the intense competitiveness of the league.”  Despite the few dramatic scenes that frequented the first weeks of the season, the teams and umpires dealt relatively well with the adversity, and the second half of the season ran smoothly. Mr. Noack, stuck in the middle of the sticky situation throughout all the blood, sweat, and tears, added that this season’s playoffs and championship games were the smoothest in his experienced commissioner-career.  Well done, teams!

Derek, who has seen his fair share of seasons, explained that the Fall 2013 season was unique in another way. While the 3L teams dominated the league and comprised 3 of the top 4 teams, they were accompanied by a lone 1L team. Lengthy Dictums is the first 1L team in 4 seasons to make it to the last night of play.  They held their own this season, and have raised the bar for 1L teams. Congrats to Lengthy Dictums.

On the other hand, this season was quite a let down for Pitch Please, who was looking to three-peat as league champions. Their hopes and dreams were crushed by the North Koreans.   There are some speculations this could be due to some team drama, and the loss of a key player to free agency at the beginning of the season. Rumor has it that player made a long trip from first to last, and was picked up by the Pro Boners who finished in last place. However, the Commissioner himself has decided Pro Boners deserve the Sportsmanship Award for the season because they exemplified the most positive attitude, and such should serve as a model for the rest of the league.

After regular season play came to a close, all the teams were asked to take a survey, and we have some awards to announce!

  • Biggest Hitters:
    1. North Koreans
    2. Pitch Please
  • Best Team Name:
    1. North Koreans
    2. Show Me Your Torts
  • Best Defense:
    1. North Koreans
    2. Pitch Please
  • Best Jerseys:
    1. North Koreans
    2. Swingers
  • Beat Team Pet:
    1. Max (Low Expectations)
    2. Duke (Hung Jurors)
  • MVP:
    1. Nate Crowley/Ryan Civiello
    2. Taylor Shramo/Travis Easton

I wish everyone the best of luck on their exams and hope to see more of you our on the ball field for the spring season, which starts January 30th. North Koreans are the new champions and thus the new team to beat, so start practicing!

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