Pitch Perfect, Spring Week One

Pitch Perfect, Spring Week One
By Ali Adelman 

Here we are again softball fans, the Spring 2014 Grad/Law Softball league is finally underway.  With a new team entering the league, and a few player trades during the offseason, this season looks as if it will live up to the excitement and drama of last semester.

After Pitch Please’s disappointing loss in the playoffs, a few players on the team decided a change was necessary.  A few of the team’s top performers started a new team called the Dirty Briefs. The new team may be thinking twice about their decision though after losing their first game of the season. However, the loss deserves some perspective considering the Dirty Briefs only lost by a single point in a 12-11 game to last season’s reigning champions, the North Koreans.  Extra consolation can be found in knowing their ex-teammates on Pitch Please also lost their spring debut to Torts Illustrated by a score of 7-3.

In other news, last Thursday’s light rain did not stop Writ it and Quit, as it started the Spring season off with a win over last season’s Sportsmanship Award winner by a score of 10-4.  1L of a Team started off their season with a bang by crushing Show me Your Torts 20-3.  The Swingers also started off strong shutting out Intentional Battery 16-0.  It’s not often slow pitch softball teams are completely shut out, so the rest of the league better watch out for the Swingers as both their defense and offense look promising this season.  One of last season’s top performers, Low Expectations, also started off their season strong with a 12-4 win over Sandlawt.

With a new team in the running, and the drama level already high, this season will be one for the books. Come out and witness the healthy competition yourselves, every Thursday night starting at 7pm down at Manchester Field.

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