Meet Your Motions Match


Still looking for the perfect Valentine? Well your match may be hiding among the almost unbearably attractive Motions editorial board. That’s right folks, these folks are going places and you can get in their good graces now with this quick and easy quiz. Answers on page __.


Question One: What is your idea of an ideal date night?

  1. Dinner at Cafe Chloe, followed by drinks at The Noble Experiment, and !!! at the Casbah.
  2. A sporting event of some kind and an adventurous dinner that consists of something you have never had before.
  3. Hanging out on the La Jolla rocks, barking at the sky!
  4. You hate the idea of sitting and watching a movie so dinner and something at least a little active (mini golf, dancing, a hike).
  5. Curling at the Ice-O-Plex and drinks at Cheswick’s.
  6. A tasty, but cheap dinner followed by libations a comedy club.
  7. Indoor trampolines with lasers followed by beer.


Question Two: Your ideal pet is…

  1. Dachshund
  2. Rottweiler
  3. I had a pet fish once, but I ate it…
  4. Black German Spitz
  5. A monitor lizard, the kind that sunbathes with albino twins in OB.
  6. A little white demon-dog. It will be sold as a pure Maltese, but will clearly not be.
  7. Dog.  Big dog.  Not rats masquerading as dogs.  If it weighs less than 25 pounds, it’s a rat.


Question Three: You cannot get _____ off repeat on your Valentine’s Day playlist.

  1. Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo
  2. Blue Jeans by Lana Del Ray
  3. Kiss From a Rose by Seal
  4. Just Give Me a Reason by Pink and Nate Rues
  5. Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight by Whiskeytown
  6. “Your Love” by the Outfield
  7. Anything, really everything, by Sara Bareilles


Question Four: Current drink of choice?

  1. An old Fashioned with Bulleit Rye
  2. West coast style IPA from a craft brewery in San Diego. Beer, very picky beer.
  3. Drunken Sailor
  4. Mojito
  5. Upside down whiskey sour
  6. Rich, chocolate Ovaltine
  7. Beer, not so picky


Question Five: Preferred movie date genre? (pictures here?)

  1. Comedy: Being John Malkovich, The Big Lebowski, Amelie.
  2. Horror: to get the adrenalin pumping and, of course, a great excuse to cuddle.
  3. Finding Nemo… or Flipper… or Titanic (which, for me, is HILARIOUS… stupid people… can’t swim)
  4. Action. Chick flicks annoy you.
  5. Lars von Trier
  6. None, because movies and dates do not go together.
  7. Whatever both parties can come to a consensus on, lack of pickiness.


Question Six: Their quirky habit of __________ does not bother you a bit.

  1. Organizing their collection of 7,000+ LPs alphabetically. And then by the year of the album. Because obviously.
  2. Not sleeping on pillows.
  3. Sometimes swimming in circles if they are not careful.
  4. Not even being capable of sitting still while reading.
  5. Abjectly hating puns
  6. Taking eggs out of the carton from opposite sides as they go, such that the carton is weighted evenly when. Also because it looks nicer when said carton is opened next time.
  7. Doing voices. Frequently. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a favorite.  Also Kermit the Frog.


Questions Seven: You and your new honey’s ideal vacation will be?

  1. A culinary and musical tour of New York City or New Orleans.
  2. An African safari; big cats, elephants, and giraffes oh my!
  3. I want to migrate to the South Pacific some day.
  4. Interesting historical sites.
  5. Panning for gold in the Outback.
  6. Vacation? What vacation, you are going to spend all the vacation money it on videogames, movies, and books, and then spend the vacation time at home, enjoying the media.
  7. Camping somewhere deep in the woods with trees and rivers and no one around for miles and miles.


Question Eight: Your dream date gets around town via…

  1. A mid-1980’s Schwinn road bike, but only when not rocking the scooter.
  2. Merlin the Mazda3.
  3. Tidal waves are the BEST.
  4. Toyota Camry.
  5. Bill the Ford Focus.
  6. FIAT 500, it has a “sport” mode.
  7. Zoe the Subaru Imprezza.


Question Ten: Your favorite supreme court justice is…

  1. John Roberts (followed closely by Elena Kagan) because you hate both political parties, and hold some small hope that these two will usher in a new era of pragmatism and rationality.
  2. Holmes because, while you may not agree with everything he wrote, at least he wrote everything rather prettily and usually to the point.
  3. Kagan, she kind of looks like a marine mammal.
  4. Ginsburg. She seems smart yet humble.
  5. J.P. Stevens.  Nobody ruled closer to the heart.
  6. Oddly, Scalia. I tend not to agree with his outcomes, but he usually makes me think and tends to make me respect his method if nothing else. I do get the impression sometimes that he might be trolling us all, and that tickles me.
  7. Ginsburg, but mostly because she can kick your face in.


Your Motions Match among the Editorial Board of 2013-2014

Mostly A’s — Jon Jekel, National Interest and News

Mostly B’s — Stacy Allura Hostetter, Sports and Entertainment

Mostly C’s – The Motions Seal of Approval, All Things Awesome

Mostly D’s – Sabrina Piper, News and Culture

Mostly E’s – Andrew Lockard, Executive Editor

Mostly F’s – Nico Weiss, News and Events

Mostly G’s – Sam Laughlin, Editor-in-Chief

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