Pitch Perfect, Spring Season Week Three

Pitch Perfect, Spring Season Week Three
By Ali Adelman

Fellow law students: unless you were present as a player or spectator at the softball fields this past Thursday, your night simply does not compare to the level of excitement that surrounded the games in Week 3. Last week takes the cake (so far) for the most unforgettable games yet and the history books are forever changed.

The first teams competing Thursday night, Show Me Your Torts and Barry’s Bail Bonds, took off running, scoring a combined 25 runs. Drew Goorabian of Barry’s Bail Bonds, who is the season’s top contender for Defensive Player of the Year, started the first triple play this league has seen in five seasons. Unfortunately, Drew’s stellar defense was not contagious among his fellow Bondsmen and the Torts sure showed Barry one heck of a comeback. Show Me Your Torts eventually won the game13-12 after trailing by as much as 8.

Stellar defense does seem to be trending league wide though as this season’s new leader, Torts Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, upset last season’s champions, the North Koreans, in an 11-9 victory.  Matt Shields made a spectacular mid-game diving catch in right field to start the game. And teammate Valerie Phan snatched a hard line drive that bounced off her own glove that proved to be the climactic third out in a suspenseful bottom of the 7th.  Rest easy Toreros, the North Koreans will not be going undefeated this season!

Torts Illustrated also owe some thanks to the Dirty Briefs for their new position at the top of the standings. This season’s newbies truly did their opponents dirty this week.  The Dirty Briefs defeated the previously first-placed Low Expectations by a score of 16-1 in an unexpected but glorious blowout. It is safe to say no one had expectations that low of the former league leader, except perhaps the Dirty Briefs.

Another noteworthy play made the record books this week during the showdown between I’d Hit That and 1L of a Team. Brian Taylor of I’d Hit That recorded the league’s shortest ever hit – the ball traveled a total distance of 1 inch in the 4th inning, which Brian somehow stretched into a triple. Brian’s talent clearly served as an inspiration to his team as I’d Hit That took down the team of 1Ls in a 14-8 victory, their first of the season.

These were just a few of last week’s highlights. Week 4 is sure to have more great matchups in store and to avoid serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), your only real option is to come out and watch the games this Thursday night at Manchester field.

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